Apple’s huge data center in Ireland hits a snag

“Apple’s plans of building its first data center in Ireland is facing obstacles from locals concerned about its impact on the surrounding environment,” Jonathan Chew reports for Fortune.

“The $928 million center was slated to start construction late last year at a 500-acre site in the Derrydonnell Forest near a small town called Athenry,” Chew reports, “but groundbreaking was delayed after complaints about the building were filed to the local council.”

“The complaints, according to the Connacht Tribune, had to do with possible increased noise and traffic during the construction of Apple’s center,” Chew reports. “Some residents also feared that the data center would impact bat and badger species living in the forest, and affect a well that provided water to nearby homes.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Oh, sure, badgers and bats, we can see, but what about those naming rights?

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  1. Pull the plug Apple and move it someplace else. Then they will see how Apple not spending almost a billion dollar on material, jobs, infrastructure, and taxes will help those bats.

    Human progress stopped by a couple local “batshit” crazies! They need to make public the names of the people complaining so everyone can see who’s costing the people of Ireland a lot of money and jobs.

  2. Hey, they are Irish. Take them to a pub, buy them a few pints, and they will forget about the bats & badgers. Either that or they will want to go outside and start a fight.

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