Microsoft app used to tally Iowa caucus votes falls short

“As Republican and Democratic caucus voters used new Microsoft tallying apps during the Iowa caucuses, some took to Twitter to say the sites were crashing, while others complemented them on how swiftly they worked,” Elizabeth Weise reports for USA Today.

“In an emailed statement, Microsoft said that the mobile apps for both parties worked without issue,” Weise reports. “However national interest in the Iowa Caucuses overwhelmed the Democratic and Republican Party Iowa Caucus websites, which Microsoft was working to resolve, the company said.”

“Some online charged that Microsoft founder Bill Gates had donated ‘millions’ to the Clinton Foundation, making the company’s creation of the apps suspect,” Weise reports. “In a blog post in June, Microsoft’s vice president for technology and civic engagement Dan’l Lewin, said… Microsoft built apps for each political party in Iowa for all mobile and PC platforms, with the results to be securely stored and managed in Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform, he said.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Shocking.

Hey, let’s put Microsoft in charge of the U.S. nuclear weapons arsenal, too! Who needs the earth anyway?

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  1. When government has to make a decision among venders government generally goes with the low bid. This is an effort to be careful with tax payer dollars. Unless, of course, government is itself in charge of the policy or program in which case expense is no object.

  2. Hey MDN, Microsoft SW is already in charge of missile silos. Not long ago, there was a UFO hovering outside our silo when all of a sudden we lost all control of the missiles. On my computer there was this blue screen with an indecipherable cryptic message in oddly tiny white letters. To this day no one know what it meant. More significantly, no one knows if it was a message from the Microsoft software or from the hovering alien ship above us.

    My buddy in the silo can confirm all this, his name is Slash Ess.

    1. It would be more shocking if someone on Apple’s Board had government ties so Apple could do this instead of Microsoft.

      Al Gore, I believe we are voting on a new Apple Board soon. Why are you on the board? Other than believing you invented the Internet, what are you doing for Apple and it’s share holders?

  3. Disclaimer: Not a Trump FAN, but a big Trump watcher.
    —— This just seems fishy ————————

    VOTER FRAUD IN IOWA? Trump’s Iowa Rallies Totaled Over 250,000 attendees, yet he didn’t get 50,000 votes.

    It appears that 1 out of 5 total voters have shown up to caucus for Trump during the 2016 Iowa Primary Election.

    During the course of Mr. Trump’s campaign in Iowa, he regularly shattered records for attendance at his rallies in Iowa. Often times, Trump’s campaign had roughly 10,000-20,000 guests attending every 4 days in January.

    Shattering records on multiple occasions, Mr. Trump and Sarah Palin booked stadiums and colosseums to standing-room-only occupancy.

    Much speculation has risen due to this unrealistic and shocking revelation regarding Cruz’s win in Iowa.

    1. Going to a rally and getting pumped up and going to a caucus are two different things. Also, people could have been going to the rallies to see what the hype was about only to be disappointed and caucus for another candidate.

    2. I think the disparity illustrates the difference between “fans” and “supporters”. Trump (as entertainer) has many of the former. Perhaps he underestimated the effort needed to turn the former into the latter.

    3. Citizens are allowed one vote, but citizens are free to attend as many rallies as they please. Your comparison is skewed and presumes that individuals who attended one Trump rally did not attend any other rally.

  4. It doesn’t matter if MS or Diebold is in charge of tracking the votes. TPTB crowded Hillary as the next President long ago. This whole election process is just an entertainment show for the citizens who still think their vote counts.

    1. The sad thing is Al Gore never contested the vote. Al Gore accepted defeat as real or lacked the courage and determination to fight back. Therefore, your opinion the process was rigged is wrong or you proposal that a weak and fearful chief executive is advantageous is ludicrous.

      1. Al gore knew the fight would be against a machine far more powerful than the truth
        smart people know the battle they are capable of winning, no matter what their weapons

        1. So Al Gore is so weak, frightened, intimidated. Democrats sure know how to pick leaders with such quality traits. Doesn’t seem that such timid and ineffectual persons with no passion and commitment are worthy of such as esteemed office.

    2. Another thing, if Microsoft was known or suspected of cheating Democrats then how much more stupid would it be for the Democrats to allow Microsoft to tally the votes…again. Persons that stupid should not be elected anyway.

  5. Caucus = craptacular. The entirety of “The Iowa Caucuses” is nothing but a media story – PERIOD. It’s only purpose is to separate budding megalomaniacs from their corporate donors. It’s a freaking shakedown people – nothing more.

    The next “meaningful” media event takes place next week in essentially non representative, woefully rural, almost 99% white, New Hampshire – woohoo.

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