Apple aims to unveil iPhone 5se, iPad Air 3 and Apple Watch updates at March 15 event

“Apple is currently aiming to unveil the new 4-inch the iPhone 5se, the iPad Air 3, and new Apple Watch band options at an event on Tuesday, March 15th, according to sources,” Mark Gurman reports for 9to5Mac.

“We previously reported that Apple was on track to launch the new products during the week of March 14th. As the scheduled event is still a month-and-a-half away, the date could conceivably still shift or turn into an online announcement,” Gurman reports. “The media event would be Apple’s first since September, and much like the fall event, is planned to touch on three major product categories for the company.”

“Apple is planning to reinvigorate the 4-inch iPhone screen size by replacing the iPhone 5s with an iPhone 5se that includes an A9 chip, improved cameras, support for taking Live Photos, and Apple Pay,” Gurman reports. “The launch of the new iPad Air 3 will mark the first significant upgrade to Apple’s 9.7-inch tablet line since the Air 2 debuted in October 2014… Following up on September’s Apple Watch updates, this spring’s Apple Watch refresh will focus on new bands and software, according to sources.”

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MacDailyNews Take: On the Ides of March? In light of recent events, Tim Cook might want to skip this one. 😉


“What’s under the sheet?”

“New rubberized Apple Watch bands and an incremental watchOS update!”

“Nice. Nice. Not thrilling, but nice.”

(DISCLAIMER: The following video contains portions of actual humor that may offend the “sensibilities” of uptight, sanctimonious, humorless, insufferable, serially offended, habitually aggrieved, politically correct pains-in-the-ass. Do not play it if you’re a P.C. PITA. May be NSFW depending upon your workplace. Do not eat iPod shuffle.)

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. Agreed.

    The events are a tiresome relic of the past anyway. The excitement of the Apple events, copied by so many, has completely wained. Half the magic was seeing Steve Jobs.

    Apple is fantastic at making educational and informative videos. They should skip the event and just surprise everyone when they’re totally ready to ship with a big web presentation.

    1. I like events – when they have something new to announce.

      I get really bored with “and we couldn’t be happier” statements, presenters who wear tailed shirts outside their trousers to hide the corporate paunch, crappy photo montages that have little if any relevance and anything to do with Beats.

      As for this March, well clearly the intern in the design department has come up with a new colour for the watch strap but what about the rest of those working for the $Tr company ?

    2. Apple has had a hart time keeping hardware changes a secret. To that end, if there are no surprises, there is no need for an event.

      However, Apple does a good job of keeping software changes a secret. Great Apple events of the past of combined new hardware with great new software that takes leverages the ability of the new hardware. If the iPad Air 3 has the A9X with 4GB and that’s combined with new pro level apps for the iPad, a show would be warranted. Apple seems to have forgotten some of the details that made past product announcements so powerful.

  2. If the 4 inch iPhone has touch ID I’m all in for it. I have the six and the 6S and I’d actually like to go back to a smaller phone again. I still have an iPad mini MacBook Pro and an iMac if I want larger screens.

  3. The ONLY thing that would be worth watching with this non-event would be Tim announcing his retirement. The way things are going, we just have to be very near that fateful day when hope for the once-great company will be renewed.

  4. Here’s an innovative idea, release an iPhone that millions more quarterly customers can afford off-contract. Something around $299-$399. Get an entirely new, massive market hooked on Apple products while selling tens of millions more units every year. 4″, A8, Touch-ID, Apple Pay, 8mp camera, 16GB. Not an $800(!) 6s 16GB that costs more than the average monthly salary in Eastern Europe.

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