“Without stepping into partisan territory, I wanted to share a few helpful tips for keeping up with the whole election season using your iPhone, iPad, or Mac,” Zac Hall reports for 9to5Mac.

“First up is a classic calendar tip for following exactly when and where everyone will be voting across the country,” Hall reports. “Some states hold caucuses while other states hold primaries, different parties often vote on different days, and U.S. territories (not just states) make the calendar… [Check out the] full 2016 primary calendar put together that works with Google Calendar as well as Apple’s Calendar app on the Mac. You can’t subscribe from iOS, but subscribing on the Mac syncs with iPhone and iPad if you’re using iCloud.”

Hall reports, “Breaking News is my go-to app for receiving push notifications for any major news story. You can easily find a dozen news apps from different sources, but Breaking News works for me as a single app to reliably serve up need-to-know headlines in real time.”

Much more, including more apps and podcast links, in the full article here.

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