Apple would’ve been 2015’s 42nd richest country

“Few companies have attained ’empire’ status in the same way that Apple has — indeed, the reverence with which we often refer to the legacy of Steve Jobs makes the Cupertino firm seem larger than life,” Lulu Chang reports for Digital Trends.

“Its partially eaten apple logo is among the most recognizable in the world,” Chang reports. “Apple has revolutionized the personal computer, the mobile phone, and even tablets. And with all its innovation, it’s racked up a fair chunk of change — to the tune of $231 billion in 2015 alone. When compared to the worldwide GDP figures of last year, that would make Apple the equivalent of the 42nd richest country on the planet.”

“Apple’s iPhone business single-handedly brought in $154 billion in 2014, enough to make it the 56th wealthiest country,” Chang reports. “When taken as a whole, Apple’s $231 billion of revenues places it directly next to Finland, whose 2015 GDP was also $231 billion… Amazon and Microsoft both brought in $93 billion last year, whereas Google boasted $66 billion and Facebook reported $12.5 billion.”

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  1. Hawaii also would have been one of this year’s richest countries if it wasn’t violently taken over and replaced with a puppet government. Iolani Palace had electricity before the White House did so we were prosperous during the Kingdom days.

    1. The story of Hawaii is pretty messed up, and is just another example of the powerful lording it over anyone they can. But, where do you think the islands would be today if Europeans had never found them? I highly doubt they would have a palace, let alone electricity. Just sayin’.

      1. I guess they would be about where the Americas would be. They would have a native population hundreds of times larger than they did after smallpox and measles, living in conditions no worse than the poorest people do today. I live in a part of the country where almost nobody outside the largest cities had electricity or sanitary sewers until the mid-1930s. We did, however, have local elected governments that weren’t overthrown by armed foreigners.

        1. Good comment. Yes, just imagine, with all of the indeginous peoples in North America before the invasion, what it would possibly be today. I’m sure not advanced much technology wise, but culturally fascinating none the less. The same with Africa. Man, Europeans sure have mucked up a lot of stuff.

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