Microsoft’s Windows Phone is Zuned

Once upon a time, “Microsoft positioned its range of Windows Phone 7 handsets as the true third mobile ecosystem, but it’s time to admit it has failed,” Tom Warren writes for The Verge. “If a lack of devices from phone makers and even Microsoft itself wasn’t enough evidence, the final nail in the coffin hit [on Thursday]. Microsoft only sold 4.5 million Lumia devices in the recent quarter, compared to 10.5 million at the same time last year. That’s a massive 57 percent drop. Even a 57 percent increase wouldn’t be enough to save Windows Phone right now.”

“Microsoft and Nokia have sold a total of 110 million Windows Phones compared to 4.5 billion iOS and Android phones in the same period. IDC recently reported that 400 million phones were sold in the recent quarter, meaning just 1.1 percent of them were Lumia Windows Phones. Microsoft does not have any compelling Lumia handsets, and the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL were both disappointing flagship devices,” Warren writes. “With Lumia sales on the decline and Microsoft’s plan to not produce a large amount of handsets, it’s clear we’re witnessing the end of Windows Phone.”

“Windows Phone has long been in decline and its app situation is only getting worse,” Warren writes. “With a lack of hardware, lack of sales, and less than 2 percent market share, it’s time to call it: Windows Phone is dead.”

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“Buried low down in the earnings report, Redmond notes phone revenue ‘declined 49% in constant currency’ — couching this as a reflection of “our strategy change announced in July 2015,'” Natasha Lomas writes for TechCrunch. “Microsoft can couch away all it wants, but the truth is its phone business is dead. And no amount of ‘strategic fiddling’ around the edges will change that. Indeed, the platform has been walking dead for multiple years now.”

“Total Windows Phones sold in Microsoft’s Q2 quarter: 4.5 million vs selling 10.5 million in the year ago quarter,” Lomas writes. “A spot of comparative context: just this week Apple announced it sold 75 million iPhones in its Q1.”

“The question now is whether Microsoft will keep making smartphones as a showcase/vanity projectr,” Lomas writes. “Or just kill off the division entirely.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Windows Phone is so relevant, it took us two days to notice the obituaries.

All that’s left for Microsoft now is the funeral procession (smirk):

Silly assholes, bury your iPhone roadkill already. It stinks.

Microsoft holds iPhone funeral procession to celebrate upcoming Windows Phone 7 release (w/ video) – September 10, 2010


  1. Okay, lets’ show where the perspective needs to be.

    Microsoft spends billions creating the Windows Phone, buying Nokia, Windows 8+, Windows RT, Windows/Microsoft Store ecosystem. They tried to out do Apple.

    What they get in return is some millions of phones per quarter.

    What they needed was to have sold a billon phones by now.

    If they stopped everything, all expenses and pretend they have an unlimited supply of Lumina phones to sell, and pretend that people would still buy them at this years rate of 16 million phones, it would take them 50 years to break even.

    This is how bad it is. 50 years to wipe the whole project off the books.

  2. Another year another “windows phone is dead” article. Sigh I’m gona keep enjoying my Lumia 950 while everyone else goes n buys their 22nd android phone.

    Give it 5 years and change this head line to “iphone”, the market is moving to a single OS “android” and I bet like with windows for desktops people will be bitching about only having a single choice. But atleast I can say I tried other phones. If only everyone else did we could have kept 3 os’s stable but no the market have spoken and 90% of the world only want android…woohoo…enjoy yet another monopoly everyone, you only have yourself to blame.

        1. You love Bill Clinton. So did Monica at one time. She loved cigars, too.

          Clinton’s rape victims, on the other hand, didn’t love him so much. Nor did they love his shrew wife trying to discredit them and publicly shame them for being raped.

          1. Fwhatever, your rants are growing increasingly insane by the day. If you are trying to turn people to your path, then you are failing miserably. Only the nut jobs already sharing your delusions are on the same crazy train.

            You have been irrelevant since the start. Now you are just shrieking historically in the wind, hoping that someone is listening. What did you say? Nothing…

            1. That is the best that you have, Fwhatever? Your wit is even duller than I suspected.

              I knew a guy much like you. He wanted to be respected and admired…he wanted people to like him and to gravitate towards him as a leader. The problem was, he thought that he had to act forceful and assert his opinions at every opportunity. And he would defend those opinions to the bitter end because he could not stand being wrong – he could not afford to be wrong. Because the person that he dreamed of being, the person that he fantasizes being, could not be wrong. The result was that he drove everyone away. No one wanted to be around him and no one invited him to join in their activities. He became even unhappier than he even imagined that he could become, and he lives a solitary life to this day.

              The day that you stop spouting doctrine and start showing a true willingness to engage in debate and compromise is the day that my hope for the future of this country will begin to wax again. I see you as the MDN forum canary for the far right. And if I see some positive growth and flexibility in your attitude, then I will also begin to see potential for the rest of the far right to put the fate of this country above hIdebound doctrine and to set forward to break the gridlock that imperiles our country.

              But I submit to you that if you continue to provide the binary choice of your way or no way, then I will choose no way. I will not submit to the religion of the far right. I have the right and the duty to choose a better path.

    1. Windows for desk tops is dying also.

      My guess would be in five years you’ll see: OSX and the Macintosh dominating desktops and laptops with over 50% of the market for new computers as Windows falls and a desktop Android/Chrome rises.

      iOS with over 60% of the market in developed countries and 90%+ of the market for over $200 phones/tablets. And 90% of profits.

      Microsoft focusing on making Apps for Apple and offering Apple friendly cloud services to businesses using OSX and iOS.

      Xbox fading as Apple TV grows.

      1. Wrong premise. No one will be using laptops because hololens is the future of computing. You old people are using todays logic and applying it to future computing. Luckily you’re so old you’ll be dead by then anyway so we wont have to put up with your wrong old man nonsense.

      2. Xbox if fine(48 million active Xbox Live members!) and so is the desktop. It’s not going to sell like the past but it’s a tool and will always be preferred for many users. Plus Windows Phone almost matches the same share as iPhone in Europe. Think about that for a second.

    1. I take it you have never used one. You would be bummed to find out that it trumps the iPhone in stability, performance, and battery life. It’s a code signed OS like iOS and is actually more secure than iOS. Never fails and never have to deal with a mystery battery drain! But again the apps aren’t there like iOS so I guess we can say the iPhone is better in that area.

      1. Someone needs to do a “Where are they now?” with the employees in this photo.
        They probably cringe every time it pops up on the Internet.
        As Nelson would say, “Ha Ha”.

      2. My working definition of a fan…
        Anyone who puts the interests of the object of their affection over their own.

        Way too much of that going on. Cynicism is an acquired trait.

        “Blind faith in your leaders, or in anything, will get you killed.”
        -Bruce Springsteen

  3. I absolutely love my Lumia 950XL with Continuum dock. I have owned a few older iPhones but don’t see a compelling reason to go back. iOS has not fundamentally changed from a grid of boring icons in the past 10 years, I doubt that it ever will. Under Tim Cook, Apple become to slow moving and conservative to embrace that level of change.
    If marketshare is the sole reason to build a device Apple should have given up computers years ago 30 odd years on a they are still well below 8%. I cant remember the last time they were at 10%:
    Given that the a

    1. We absolutely don’t care what random MotoMega X Super Amazing phone you have, you’re not bright enough to distinguish ‘to’ from ‘too’ much less understand the concept that marketshare is irrelevant compared to profit per device.
      Ask Mr. Dell…..

      1. FFS – Thank you for pointing out my simple typo. I have noted the error of my ways. Given the vehemence of your response I will assume that typos will not be tolerated in this forum.

        Given that you have chosen to publically belittle me by use of ‘to’ or ‘too’, I am sure that you will not mind being held to the same standard of grammar. If you would like to argue ‘ad hominem’ that is fine by me.

        I note that your sentence commences with the term ‘We’. Given that you have such strong issues with my grammar I would be grateful if you could explain your use of the term ‘We’? Are you plural? Do you have a multiple personality disorder? Are you purporting to represent others as an elected official? Maybe you mean ‘We the people’? It is of course possible that you are royalty and are speaking in terms of the ‘Royal We’. Of course, it may well be that you believe that your opinion represents all of the readers on this page. Unfortunately, that view is not supported by the split votes.

        I humbly await your clarification as to why you see yourself as ‘we’.

        My comment related to the article in question, which was precisely about the viability of Windows Phone given it’s declining market share. Could I suggest that you raise your issues of the hierarchy of metrics with the author of the original article? To my mind, ‘profit-per-device’ is a great metric for shareholders. It is certainly a better metric to look at that that the 30% decline in share price over the past six months, which roughly equates to losing around $1 billion per day.

    2. The 950XL is the envy of my friends. I know a large number are wanting one when their contract is up. Literally the only issue I have heard is no snapchat. Everything else is amazing about it. But then im not one of the old men on here who is old enough to remember windows XP, hurry up and die already. Progress is happening without you.
      As if phones are the future, Microsoft has already invested in the next step with hololens. Phones will become organic embedded in no time. Lol old people thinking phones are the future, they are already the past.

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