Apple analysts are crying wolf – yet again

“In ‘The Shepherd’s Boy,’ Aesop provided us with a wonderful fable about a boy who repeatedly cried wolf because he wanted to draw attention to himself. The moral of the story was that an alarmist might be believed once, perhaps twice, but then they would never be trusted again,” John Kirk writes for Tech.pinions. “Wow, was Aesop ever wrong. If you’re an Apple analyst, you can cry wolf time and time again and each and every time, Wall Street investors will react like a flock of frightened sheep.”

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Apple just had its best year ever so, by employing some sort of perverse logic, many Apple analysts have concluded it is only logical to assume Apple must now have its worst year ever,” Kirk writes. “Wait, what?”

“But hold on to your hat, there’s more logic where that came from! Not only is Apple going to have a bad quarter — which inevitably means they’re going to have a bad year — but…wait for it… it also means Apple is — dun, dun, dun — doomed!” Kirk writes. “No, seriously, an Apple analyst is literally predicting Apple is doomed.”

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MacDailyNews Take: This all makes perfect sense, YKBAID. And, of course, you can’t foment without fomenting.

Wall Street is a game. Play it well via unwritten rules ignored by blind officials or simply observe the resultant melee from the safety of the sidelines. — MacDailyNews, January 13, 2016

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  1. Really? It’s the analysts fault? MDN, please stop with this rubbish. Average analyst price targets for Apple is about $140. Please don’t blame anyone but investors who’ve had enough of hanging into this slow growth name.

    1. For nearly a whole year, I have not seen many positive articles from the news media and if that isn’t enough to dampen any potential investor’s enthusiasm over Apple, then I don’t know what is. Apple is being declared the only profitable tech company whose future is really bleak compared, to say, Amazon, Alphabet and Microsoft whose cloud services futures are extremely bright. Every Apple quarter is met with huge cries of disappointment and that’s downright scary when the quarters aren’t really that bad at all.

      In my gut, I just feel when Apple does well this quarter, it’s going to be completely ignored as simply another quarter before the doom hits. Very frustrating apart from the very likely increased dividends this year.

      1. Till Apple decides to run its own cloud service instead of buying it from Amazon/Google/Microsoft any increase in iCloud use will only pump up those Apple competitors.

  2. Apple shareholders are nothing but wusses. Tim Cook doesn’t seem to instill any confidence into shareholders to hold on to Apple stock with a lousy P/E of 10.1. It’s almost embarrassing to call Apple a profitable tech stock with a P/E like that. Sure, Apple stock is cheap and every damn day it gets a lot cheaper. You’d almost think Apple stopped making money over a year ago the way the stock is performing. Honestly, it’s just disgraceful. Has everyone bought Apple stock on margin to be this cowardly? People are happily buying Twitter for cripes sakes. Does that even make any sense.

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