Judge: Lawyer who filed class-action suit against Apple is ‘manifestly incompetent’

“On Tuesday, a federal judge rejected a proposed class-action lawsuit targeting Apple’s extended service plan. US District Judge William Orrick shot down all five of the plaintiff’s legal theories and also had scathing words for the Texas lawyer [Renee Kennedy] who filed the suit,” Joe Mullin reports for Ars Technica.

“‘Class counsel’s prior relationship with Adkins and Galindo and her involvement in their purchase of AC+ continue to taint this case,’ wrote Orrick.’The record strongly indicates that Adkins and Galindo purchased their AC+ plans at class counsel’s direction for the purpose of initiating this lawsuit,'” Mullin reports. “[Orrick continued], ‘Moreover, this case has always been and continues to be class counsel’s; she is its source and its driver, and neither the dubious manner in which this litigation commenced nor the manifestly incompetent manner in which it has been conducted are cured at this juncture by yet another new co-counsel.'”

“Reached by Ars this morning by telephone, Kennedy said she was in a meeting and couldn’t talk,” Mullin reports. “She didn’t respond to an e-mailed request for comment.”

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  1. From the source article:

    English’s theory ran into a major roadblock here. It’s true that Apple replacement phones can be refurbished—the company admits it, although its employees and documents put a positive spin on it with the “like-new” descriptions.

    Refurbished Apple gear ARE like-new and Apple warranty them as such. I’ve bought a couple refurbished years back and they’re still going strong.

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