Apple COO: We take the heat on child labor because we work to rout it out

“In a radio interview on the syndicated show Conversations on Health Care, Apple COO Jeff Williams said that the reason Apple has come under attack for the use of child labor in its supply chain is that the company actively goes out looking for it,” Ben Lovejoy reports for 9to5Mac. “Other companies, he said, simply keep their heads down.”

No company wants to talk about child labor. They don’t want to be associated with that. We shine a light on it. We go out and search for cases where an underage worker is found in a factory somewhere and then we take drastic actions with the supplier and the labor groups to try and make a change. Then we report it publicly every year. We take a lot of heat for that. But we think the only way to make change is to go hit it head-on and talk about it. — Apple COO Jeff Williams

Lovejoy reports, “Apple noted in its annual Supplier Responsibility Progress Report that it tries to work with suppliers to ensure compliance with the company’s standards, and drops those which refuse to cooperate.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple does more in this area than any other major CE maker; likely more than all other companies combined.

Apple Inc.’s Supplier responsibility webpages are here:


  1. Apple absorbs the anger of people the world over. The liberals bash it because they assume *must* be evil because it’s hugely successful and from the USA. (That’s two strikes against for liberals using Samsung devices in the USA). It takes it from our government (left and right) that want to stick their prying fingers into their technology (who cares about privacy and our constitution!!) it takes it from Wall Street as we all know. This is what you get when you think different and as a result show the world how it’s done. Nothing but jealous spite. Makes you wanna give up trying to do anything extraordinary.

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