Apple stock slumps near $100 amid ‘iPhone sales worries’

“Apple fans keep buying iPhones, but Wall Street keeps worrying the company won’t be able to match last year’s blistering sales pace,” Brandon Bailey reports for The Associated Press. “”

“Shares in the world’s most valuable company have fallen more than 15 percent over the last month, amid a drumbeat of news reports that some Asian parts suppliers are expecting Apple to trim orders for its signature smartphone this winter,” Bailey reports. “Those fears were compounded Wednesday when the Wall Street Journal said one of Apple’s most important contractors is sending some workers home on ‘early holiday’ before the Chinese New Year in February.”

MacDailyNews Take: Actually, it was Nikkei, but whatever. The lower, the better prior to earnings.

“Even an upbeat report from Apple announcing that its online App Store set a sales record last week failed to boost the stock. Its shares fell more than 2 percent Wednesday and were trading just above $100,” Bailey reports. “Apple Inc. declined comment Wednesday. But top executives at the Cupertino, California, company said last fall they expected to sell more iPhones during the last three months of 2015 than they did a year earlier, when the company sold a record 74.5 million.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Here’s to a healthy, happy, and very profitable New Year! 🙂

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    1. At this point I don’t think he should say anything until they exhaust all the money for buying back shares. The cheaper the stock is the more shares they can quickly retire. I’m going to quietly wait until what he has to say at the next quarterly financial call.

      Yes, I wish Tim Cook was the type of CEO to refute all the lies and speculation spewed about Apple but clearly he’s not that type of CEO. I’m not really sure if it would make a difference anyway. I’d rather Apple make acquisitions and increase their revenue streams and that will be sufficient enough for me. As long as I know the company is doing well and giving back decent dividends, I’ll be satisfied.

      I feel Wall Street is being run by crooks, so nothing is going to help if they don’t like the way Apple is being run for profitability. I certainly wish Apple could find at least one other strong revenue stream to back up the iPhone, but I don’t know what that would be. I wish it would be from some source other than hardware.

      1. Imho its not a question of type of CEO …

        Reacting to every Unsubstantiated bs rumor would be equivalant to opening a pandoras box …..

        Plus… Steve Jobs reacted to market BS a lot less than Tim Cook Does.
        Its no accident that Apple put out some stats on app store today… Imho it’s a subtle response…. But very telling .
        Or his surprise appearance on mad money few months ago when market was panicing about china.
        He tries to send some signals….

      2. As for revenue stream, why not search? Why not go after Google? SIRI sucks,, it just barely works, and they need search for SIRI, so why not go whole hog? Google will plummet, and screw them and Android anyway.
        Then, sell ads in some clever way in the ecosystem that goes around Adblock. RIGHT MDN?

        Why not come out with providing the cell service via satellite or something like that? That’s an everlasting revenue stream. I’d buy their cell service if they sold it, especially if it meant getting rid of comcast, and supplying me with TV, Phone, Internet etc, like maps, games.

        Its all connected, Why is apple TV such a good idea if not providing the signal? The streaming signal is totally connected to music, Right?

        The same signal could guide the future car or inform it, Right?

        Last, why the hell are they not in Gaming? So Nintendo and Sony reign, along with Xbox, but Apple cant sign the 5 best Killer App Games and put out a console? And nobody is using the TV for that, so stop it. Put it this way, Apple certainly isn’t advertising it that way, WHY?

        Ask yourself, What’s Apples Killer app? They don’t have one.

        Last, Apple for some ridiculous reason, simply does not see the enterprise business world as a place for revenue. How stupid. So they gave that space to Oracle and Microsoft, etc. What a joke.

        1. By the way, I NEED my AAPL to do well, It’s not a game, or fanboi crap,, I need that company to be on it’s toes and impress, not fly rainbow flags.. or put Grass on top of a building or pay it’s CEO’s for no innovation. The process has to be constant.
          Steve Jobs NEVER had downtime, Even when he was OUT of the company, he helped develop Pixar, and Next and kept going, only to jump back into Apple.
          WTF? NONE of the employees there have a new product? People should be getting FIRED.

    2. Funny……………………… Starbucks just sells mostly coffee, GM just sells mostly cars, and Nike just sells mostly sneakers – so why then is it an issue that Apple just sells cell phones (I don’t subscribe to this argument by the way – but stick with me here) and computers, and iPads, and watches, etc, etc, etc – one problem with this company is their PR department – it stinks, they’ve yet to learn that the constant silence game is a very very dangerous game wherein media will pile on over and over again negatively until something is said by the company, brokers love this downward action as a lot of retail investors will panic and sell creating numerous fees – ching ching for the brokers/analysts/financial planners that create these stories in the first place – just my two cents !!

      1. He cant ^- 2:)

        If its your belief that Apple is a Ripoff… That is Steve Jobs doing Same story then in his tenure.

        Tim just made the company über efficiant and profitable though efficiency .. Not price hikes !

      1. I see this quoted so often. Does anyone actually know what is defined as the “smartphone industry” here? Is it only smartphone hardware? Includes peripherals/accessories, apps, mobile ads, carrier profits, etc.?

    3. The Macbook by the way is actually Apples biggest selling portable range!!! With the Macbook Pro second. For 80% of users the Macbook does everything they need it for, for it to be powerfull would require it to be thicker. As it would need a fan and a heatsink and vents.

  2. It’s not the iPhone or anything else the company sells. It’s the guy wearing the CEO name tag that Wall Street doesn’t respect because he is not a leader and clueless.

    1. Hey troll if you remembered anything about Jobs nothing has changed, except that Jobs had a lot more public disdain for walleye street than Tim Cook does.

      It’s wall street that is not a leader and clueless and you should know you are certainly not a leader and clueless. Usually leaders and people with a clue talk the talk and walk the walk. You are just a bunch of whining hot air.

      1. Road, I know it get under your skin to see all the growing number of posts and their authors on this site who agree with my long-standing disdain for the clueless Tim Cook. Finally, a great many others, including MDN, realize the cause of the poor condition of AAPL and the now almost regular occurrence of new stuff coming out of the company that simply doesn’t work. Certainly, no where near the way it used to be. You may continue to defend Tim Cook and keep on trashing me but neither of those two uses of your time are worth the time and effort it takes to hit the keys and send your nasty, repetitive responses – especially the very well worn out name calling which is what people do when their substantive arguments actually have no substance.

        1. “who agree with my long-standing disdain for the clueless Tim Cook. Finally…….etc.”

          May i remind you…and all.. Yet again:

          Apple broke all recoreds in all metrics in 2015…. Including the largest earning in history of any publicly held company ! 2015…. And every year before tthat it had been on an upward trajectory…. All while Your so called ” clueless Tim” was CEO!

          You mention substantive to no substance and name calling ….
          Substanssive argument= apple broke all recoreds in 2015. Tim was CEO
          You called Tim Cook “clueless ” …
          No substance …. Well i leave that for you to figure out …

          But i do agree Apple needs to put massive focus back on software and some physical products …My posts are filled with it .

          But Tim Cook ….clueless …. ..thats a joke.
          Picked by the man everyone worships as best CEO.. After years and years and years of Tim being his right hand man.
          I guess Steve was clueless too… Clueless for sooooooooo long .. After years and years of having Tim on his side ! He must have been… Right ?

          1. Wall Street sees exactly what is going on, Flat lined GROWTH… The watch is cool but a growth flop.

            The TV? Please. .

            The iPad PRO? what is PRO about it? You can run a full OS on Surface, and run two monitors off it,,, Just comparing..

            iPad Pro maxes out at 128GB? with NO option for external drives? SD cards? anything? The cloud doesn’t work when it’s not available. I couldn’t imagine doing any serious video editing or anything like that on the “iPad Pro”……..

            Christ, Advertise it for what it is good for, PORN…

            With iPad Pro, Why is the stylus NOT included with it? Better, Barely even available? Dispute me???

        2. No Jay, you don’t get under my skin. I think you are a pathetic one message trolls and I’ve said it before that I enjoy feeding trolls. You can go back into the archives and check out the exchanges I’ve had with Zune Thang if you want.

          The condition of AAPL may be your only concern but there those of us without blinders that see Apple. Newsflash Jay, it’s never going to be the way it used to be, humanity moves forward, sure there may be times and eddies that are like a snake chasing it’s tail, just look at you, it’s been over a year that you said you would leave and you haven’t. That’s fine, you can keep on trashing Tim Cook, and me, and insult the community at large buy calling them lemmings and making a feeble attempt for the moral high ground but your actions are that of a troll (redundant one topic, lacking depth), a liar (it’s over a year that you said you’d leave and you are still here), and a bully. Nice try telling me how I feel but that’s my free will. Of course I don’t expect you to respect that, you are too full of yourself to take notice.

          The one lacking substance and character is you Jay but far be it for me to interfere with your free will. I can point an alternative way but it’s your decision to feel what you feel and do what you do. So if you want to keep on trashing Tim Cook and be a legend in your own mind that’s fine, deflecting any attempt at logic, and preemptively judging something as “clunky” before even actually holding it but the community at large sees you for what you are and the community at large are not a bunch of cliff jumping lemmings as you so put it. Most people know the real story behind lemmings.

          Ironically you have no substantive argument. You’ve said Sept 2014

          “You will be pleased to know that I’m about done with saying what I say on this board – it’s clearly been therapy for me and I’m very close to not needing it any more – I’ve reached the realm of apathy.”

          and every time you come here I remind you of it and you never address it with action, you still come back showing clearly and with substance that you are a forked tongue liar.

  3. These concerns are always a bunch of hooey. Apple needs to call the Security and Exchange commission and file a complaint. These feelings from industry experts have cost Apple a bundle and the NEVER are true. This is criminal.

  4. Wall Street is never going to value Apple if the majority of its fan club are arrogant and think it’s cute to intentionally misspell the word “analyst”.

    Second, it’s painfully obvious that Cook is driving Apple to be a luxury shop rather than a stable full-range computer/device/software/services company. The problem with luxury is that it’s fleeting, and what’s a hot fad today is tomorrow’s bargain bin giveaway. We all hope that Apple’s products are durable and superior value, as they once were, but lately Apple has been pushing style over substance way too far. Freebieware OS with mandatory one-way nagging updates and neutered hardware like the MacBook hasn’t done much to impress professionals, power users, and companies that used to trust Apple and who used to be the major purchasers. But now times have changed, and you can pull the rug from under Mac Server, Aperture, FCP, Mac Pro, etc users before they give up and go back to the dark side. Apple’s primary focus is on selling iOS consumer-grade products with more glitches and software problems than ever. That’s why the stock price is depressed.

    And as Apple keeps botching product intros, missing the market on many new products, everyone is calling into question how loyal the customer base is. It used to be that Apple users bought Apple products because they were more efficient, more reliable, and more fun. An increasing number of people today, while profitable in the short term, choose Apple only because they are wedded to the iOS ecosystem and are too lazy to shop around at alternatives. Yeah, just like all those old Windows users you used to pick on. But the reality is that, aside from a claimed but unproven edge in privacy, iOS and an increasing number of Apple devices are too limited and are no longer the clear leader in performance or value. The kids who can’t live a second without a goddamn phone in their face every second of every day have an iPhone one year and a Samsung phone the next, there is no loyalty. They are loyal to Facebook or Instagram or whaever, not to Apple. Most any app you can buy for iOS can be had on Android, from the same developers, with the same security.

    But what about the awesome IBM partnership, you say? I respond: show me the profits on Apple’s financial report. iOS is too limited for most business and MOST Mac software remains inferior to its Windows equivalents because Apple has just done nothing to further that platform since Snow Leopard. The majority of working people who own a Mac are forced to install Windows apps. That’s pathetic, but it’s reality.

    You can look down your nose at the competition, but many of MDN’s much-loathed companies have some stable chunk of the market that guarantees they will never be unprofitable, even if their new products flop.
    – Windows is still the lifeblood of business computing in the vast majority of industries, with the biggest and most capable software catalog of any platform. Apple has done nothing to outcompete MS, and in fact has done nothing to stop confused but ultimately successsful products like Surface from taking hold in the marketplce.
    – Google remains king of search and ads, and it remains the #1 internet gorilla. All of Apple’s attempts to copy its crappy software have gone nowhere — iWork is now as bad as Google Docs. Siri sucks compared to Google search. Google Maps remains by far the preferred digital mapping on any device and, most importantly, by businesses who actually rely on it for their daily bread.
    -Amazon kicks Apple’s butt on web hosting, cloud services, and media distribution. The company may be sucky to work for, but Prime is an unstoppable force that is now even demolishing the old Walmart retail empire.
    – business hardware like HP and software like Oracle and others have core competencies that Apple itself buys because Apple can’t compete
    – media giants own content or distribution or consumer loyalty, which is why Apple TV and Apple Music remain incomplete products that don’t really add any value to the customer experience in the end.

    So — bottom line — Apple has one business that is strong in cash flow but questionable in durability: the iOS App store. Via no innovation under Cook, Apple’s been milking Steve Jobs’ accomplishment so it can skim off ~30% of independent software developers’ profits.

    How long is that going to last, folks? The app store money is too easy and Apple is clearly getting soft in the head. And now the apps are no longer exclusive, so Apple’s attempts at locking people into their gated garden are becoming more annoying that beneficial to the user. Forcing crappy Music with an OS update, for example, and pushing shoddy cloud rental services at every turn. At some point complacency within Apple will be too obvious to ignore, and some other new gadget maker will be the hungry young user-obsessed startup that Apple used to be. That’s why AAPL is weak.

    MDN’s myopia has convinced many of you that Apple Watch, Beats, neutered MacBooks, and niche market big iPads are going to keep the money rolling in. Nope. Nor will knocking a few mm off the iPhone thickness, nor will focring users to buy more adapters. The more Apple makes boneheaded anti-user decisions, the more users question why they are paying premium prices to a company that no longer puts user experience as its #1 mission.

    Wall Street wants to see Apple prove that it can build and sell hardware, software, and services that businesses in the world cannot live without. That’s just not the case with iOS or Mac or anything else Apple makes. Until Apple is INDISPENSIBLE, not just preferable or prettier or thinner or whatever, Wall Street will always devalue AAPL. As they should.

    In addition, MDN, why don’t you ever consider that movements in stock price could be due to macroeconomic events instead of personal vendettas or fraud? Half of the reason Apple is down is because China’s economy is continuing to skid.

    1. Good grief, the Macbook is not there to impress power users. It caters to a segment of the market looking for mobility and a larger display than the iphone. And Apple Music certainly isn’t perfect, but it adds a lot of value to my experience. So don’t speak for me on that topic, speak for your own cynical self.

  5. To all the idiot trolls above, Jay are you listening asshole?

    As reported to the SEC today:

    “In a filing with the U.S. SEC today, Apple stated earnings and executive compensation, among other things for fiscal year 2015.
    2015 Financial Highlights
    • Net Sales: $233.7 billion (+28% vs. 2014)
    • Operating Income: $71.2 billion (+36% vs. 2014)
    • Earnings Per Diluted Share: $9.22 (+43% vs. 2014)”

    Trolls, can your beloved Alpacrap, samdung or microdick make those kind of increases? Never!

    1. So, explain why Apple’s stock is in the shitter? It’s called a lack of faith. Past successes are no guarantee of future rewards. The Tim Cook era can only ride Steve Jobs’ legacy for so long.

    2. Exactly my point. Apple needs to file a complaint with Securities and Exchange Commission. They should also consider suing the market analysts that are obviously devaluing Apple on purpose for criminal negligence.

  6. He cant ^- 2:)

    If its your belief that Apple is a Ripoff… That is Steve Jobs doing Same story then in his tenure.

    Tim just made the company über efficiant and profitable though efficiency .. Not price hikes !

  7. I’ll end on a high note where at least the sky is the limit. There are so many arenas that Apple can go into that the moment a MAN is at the helm,, The ship move in the right direction, but a change has to be made…

    You know, Socialists like Bernie Sanders will ask how much is enough pay,, I think the upper brass at Apple are cashing in,, Done,, NOT driven… with no need to push because nobody is pushing them..

    They are old.. Jobs was in his 20’s when he was on FIRE.

    Zuckerberg is so young and on fire. Who’s that guy at Apple? And yet another arena Apple can dominate if they tried..

    I’m so tired of hearing about apples “Ecosystem”,, Face it, the products barely work together, I dont use them that way,, the only thing that works together is IMAP mail updating…

    Tell me WHY Apple does not have some super cool, super friendly Facebook type community APP that ties everybody together? Facebook’s interface is starting to look REAL OLD… eh? like a bad website..

    Why not offer some really cool, TRUSTED place to put everything personal and communicate. NOPE,, another nothing for Apple.

    Bottom line, Wall Street see’s no innovation. No FUTURE growth, with no new HIT products. Sad but true..

    I’m losing thousand by the day.. I’d say US Shareholders are the most LOYAL customers, but how long do you keep hoping for the obvious?

    I sure hope COOK is warm and cozy with his special buddy.. decorating their retirement pad, with their millions… OUR Millions…

  8. The reason also for the stock decline is the market in China, Middle east Saudia Arabia and Iran, Problems with the housing market here in Europe appearing in Europe and UK!! Same start to 2008 crash, so a possible market crash expected in next 18 months

    1. Be careful comparing now to the ‘2008’ crash (which actually started in 2007). That crash was engineered by a pile of parasitic companies. See the film ‘The Big Short’.

      This current situation has the real estate factor, no doubt. But ’emotion’ is proving itself to be a big fat factor, as ET here at MDN pointed out.

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