Wall Street’s freak out over declining iPhone sales is overblown

“Wall Street is having an absolute freak out over reports that Apple recently scaled back its iPhone 6s orders for the first quarter of 2016,” Yoni Heisler writes for BGR. “During trading on Wednesday, shares of Apple hit a 52 week low and even dipped below $100 for a brief while.”

“Right off the bat, let’s start with the original source of the story, Nikkei. According to the original report, iPhone 6s and 6s Plus production may be cut back by 30%,” Heisler writes. “Nikkei published a similar report back in January of 2013 that turned out to be completely misleading. About three years ago, Nikkei said that Apple was scaling back iPhone 5 orders by a whopping 50% due to disappointing sales and weakening demand. And much like we’re seeing now in 2016, shares of Apple at the time dropped off significantly.”

“But as it turns out, Nikkei’s report turned out to be nothing more than hot air,” Heisler writes. “In fact, the iPhone during every single quarter in 2013 set a new sale records.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Use the faux concern wisely, padawans.

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      1. I still vividly remember 2012-2013 so I wouldn’t advise anyone to be backing up their trucks just yet. If Wall Street is trying to punish Tim Cook for speaking arrogant words to investors, I don’t want to get crushed. It won’t hurt Tim Cook but I don’t have his stock options to protect me. I’ll continue to hold Apple but I wouldn’t start buying until I see at least some reversal of this current “death of Apple” trend. I don’t know how far Wall Street wants to take Apple down.

    1. I’ve had a bunch of limit orders sitting around for a couple weeks set to go in as the price dropped to different levels. I hate to be this heavy in a single stock, but I hate to pass up what I consider a great opportunity even more. One more ridiculous rumor so I can put in the last wad, then head upward as quickly as possible.

    1. I’ve been picking up options. Got a couple $120 and $115 July calls for under $3.00 each. Doubled down today and picked up some Feb 115’s for 63 cents each.

      In the (unlikely?) event that Apple pops on earnings and starts a breakout, I could make way more with my $3,500 gamble than if I had bought 35 shares. For example, the $650 bet on the Feb alone would net around $9,000 if the stock manages to hit 125.

      And if the stock continues down into the low 90’s I plan on picking up some 2017 LEAPS (annual options rather than monthlies). At $90 a share, you could pick up $100 calls for under $8.00 each. If the stock managed to break $108 before the end of January 2017, you make money.

      Or the haters can keep hating and I can lose it all. At least buying the stock you haven’t lost everything. But selling 35 shares at $125 would only net $875. Only pay with the house’s money and with options never use money that you don’t expect to lose (just like the lottery).

    2. Anyone interested in “holding horses” waiting for the sh*tcaning of Tim Cook, ought to be more interested in buying “horse barns” to hold them in because it’s gonna be a very long time before they sh*tcan Cook. Probably he’ll retire long before the caning is even considered.

  1. Overblown?
    And e ery single headline treats it as if its a fact .

    This is guilty before proven innocent …

    Listen folks.
    We are the reason for all this.
    We empower bulshitters !

    Just imagine what the MF at Nikke is feeling and thinking now.:
    ” I can change the world…im God…..”

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