Tim Cook took home $10.3 million, Angela Ahrendts earned $25.7 million in 2015

In a filing with the U.S. SEC today, Apple stated earnings and executive compensation, among other things for fiscal year 2015.

2015 Financial Highlights
• Net Sales: $233.7 billion (+28% vs. 2014)
• Operating Income: $71.2 billion (+36% vs. 2014)
• Earnings Per Diluted Share: $9.22 (+43% vs. 2014)

Executive Compensation (total compensation includes salary, stock options, etc.)
• Tim Cook, CEO: $10,281,327 (vs. $9,222,638 in 2014)
• Angela Ahrendts, SVP, Retail and Online Stores: $25,779,229 (vs. $73,351,124 in 2014)
• Luca Maestri, CFO: $25,337,977 (vs. $14,002,801 in 2014)
• Eddy Cue, SVP, Internet Software and Services: $25,052,241 (vs. $24,445,739 in 2014)
• Dan Riccio, SVP, Hardware Engineering: $25,017,626 (vs. $24,403,235 in 2014)
• Bruce Sewell, SVP, General Counsel and Secretary: $25,017,626 (executive officer in 2014)

Full filing, including the eight proposals in this year’s proxy statement, here.

MacDailyNews Take: Boy, Tim was a relative bargain this year!

Of course, Cook also has a cool $353,306,800 in shares that have not yet vested (based on $114.71 per share, the closing price of Apple’s common stock on September 25, 2015, the last trading day of Apple’s fiscal year.)


  1. Agree with MDN take. Compared to other CEO’s who’s companies earn a tenth what Apple does, (you may not like their stock price but they are earning record profits) Tim is a bargain.

        1. Very True….
          At the cost of certainty…..
          Pure Risk -Reward …
          From us Stockholder point of view it is much better to have executives ride the same wagon we do …..

        1. “Typically moronic reaction that eschews any consideration of the real-world consequences” is Oblahblah in a nutshell. Anyone who voted for the incompetent neophyte is a moron.

            1. “Typically moronic reaction that eschews any consideration of the real-world consequences.”

              That description applies perfectly to any of Obama’s messes:

              – “Gun control” reaction: does NOTHING that would have prevented ANY mass shootings
              – Benghazi: Oh, it was a YouTube video, eh? Clinton even lied to the faces of the families of the dead, blaming a video when it’s proven she knew it was a LIE to protect Oblahblah’s reelection effort
              – Drawing a “red line” and then ignoring it, signaling weakness to the entire world and creating a vacuum for despots to fill
              – Keystone Pipeline
              – Obamacare
              – Open borders

              Shall I go on?

            2. “Shall I go on?”

              Go on all you want – when you’re posting to a political site.

              This site is about computers. Please get back to the topic at hand. Or is that beyond your very limited capabilities?

        2. I really don’t think so. The concept of limiting (by law or by force) who can earn how much is inherently if not obviously, Marxist. That sort of thinking is the province of the Democrat party, and most violently, of Obama.

          I think it is hilarious how butthurt so many people when they are called out on their actions (i.e. voting for Obama), especially when he espouses the very same thing they do. It’s like they can’t connect the dots or they childishly think the two subjects have no effect upon each other.

    1. R2D2: This is a difficult subject. But your approach could end up as an incentive killer for a seriously great CEO. Obviously, we’re in an age when CEO pay has gone WAY beyond sanity in a great many cases. I point directly at awful AIG as an excellent example of an incompetent company puking ridiculous executive wages and bonuses at blundering fools. That’s inexcusable.

      But with a massive company, biggest on the planet, company like Apple, with the company breaking sales records nearly every quarter, does Tim Cook deserve lower pay for his successes? Success deserves REWARD. That’s how capitalism succeeds.

      And of course the reverse is also the case: Blundering FAILures deserve docked pay, no bonus, no reward. Hello AIG.

    2. I agree with your sentiment but don’t agree on the amount. I would like to see the pay scale top out at 10X the lowest salary in the company based on a company by company evaluation. Obviously, everyone at these companies is working hard toward the goals the CEO sets and everybody should share in the profits or losses.

      As it is right now, the average CEO makes 40X to 80X the lowest wage in the company. The gap between rich and poor is widening while the middle class is shrinking. The US and the rest of the world is facing a potential uprising by the poor and the rich will lose everything. Gordon Gecko was wrong. Greed is not good. Greed is not a virtue.

      Steve Jobs was not motivated by a high salary and he was considered the greatest CEO of all time.

  2. The retail staff got cheap earphones as their Christmas bonus. The managers of retail give the staff “sandwiches ” for Christmas. No commission, no bonus. Share the wealth please

    1. Retail staff are a dime a dozen and are therefore paid commensurately. You want better pay, figure out how to get a job with more responsibility or start a successful business. You are owed nothing in this life. You reap what you sow.

      1. Shitty retail staff are a dime a dozen. Good retail staff are difficult to find and even more difficult to keep. Apple should treat it’s retail staff extremely well.

        You mention you reap what you sow. Apple retail staff are the ones plowing the fields day in and day out. They have to know a ton of shit and deal with dicks like yourself on daily basis.

      2. I always wondered why doesn’t everyone just become a senior manager of Apple if they want a better pay? It worked for Angela, it can work for further 100 million people! So stop being a lazy retail employee and become an Apple senior manager NOW!!!

  3. At what point does a person need more millions of dollars? Nobody works hard enough to deserve or need hundreds of millions.

    I’d be happier about their pay if my AAPL stock weren’t tanking right now.

    1. Compensation should be based on financial performance, not some delusional valuation from Wall St. Yes, AAPL is tanking, but that does not reflect the reality of the health of the company. Honestly, $50 billion revenue gain in a SINGLE year… how often has that ever happened?

      1. +10

        It is ridiculous to hold Tim Cook accountable for valuations from Wall Street when the company turns in record-setting quarters. The historically challenged should be reminded that Steve Jobs was blatantly contemptuous of Wall Street and didn’t give a damn about Apple’s stock price.

        1. Bravo, Ralph. Well said.

          A good reminder to all those posters who are waxing nostalgic for the good old SJ days: Steve was “blatantly contemptuous of Wall Street and did not give a damn about AAPL’s share price.”

      1. Haha! Really? Not one thing? How do you know this? Do you follow her around all day at Apple? The fact is, she’s probably done many, many things that we as consumers aren’t faced with front and center everyday. although if you go to Apple’s website you can definitely see one thing she has changed. If you go to their retail stores there’s lots of changes going in them.

        1. Anything worth 75million signing bonus? And the salary ?

          Online store has a lot of details issue.. All u have to do is look at the watch area and the 360s views for starters..
          BM Retail… Ya some changes.. But nothing that anyone would say genius.
          On the 60 min clip tough i Noticed some cool changes in the prototype store ….
          But thats it..

          Im am still waiting to see what she does that makes a big difference! Differance justifying the bonus and salary!

          1. I guess i got a 1 star vote in a matter of few seconds Because someone did not like me saying i am waiting to see what she brings to the table… How sacrilegious of me…

          2. Its hard to tell whether the decision to market the Watch as a luxury branded item and not as an accessory to the phone came before or after Apple recruited the CEO of Burberry to run with the retail end.

            Clearly the need to get traction meant that to sell millions your entry price needed to be affordable – particularly as its not a contract (read credit) purchase. The rose gold et al for’ those that need to be seen to be rich’ is going to make a lot more money per item – but in the grand scheme of things will not be a huge revenue stream.

            The decision to charge huge amounts for the accessories to the accessory in the form of straps and designer link-ups with Hermes etc. is a “fashion” centric idea and probably down to the SVP but again not lots of revenue just wannabies and the uber / neveau riche.
            After 6-8. Months the copycats and the 3rd party retailers have geared up to produce their own versions of straps and they have huge margins in which to undercut the Apple accessories so very soon the majority of sales for bands will be 3rd party and not Apple as is the case with IPhone and iPad cases.
            Ultimately the question you have to ask is whether this fashion trip is a real or imaginary bonus for the company. The iPhone is already a luxury item by dint of its price versus Android, would Apple do better volume and overall sales if their own accessories were more reasonably priced?

        2. Not one thing of *substance*, Michael, particularly warranting her pay. A change to the website? Whoopdee doo. I see some changes in the Apple Stores, but so what? Just Window dressing. Maybe you’re referring to the Phantom wireless speaker from France that starts at$1900 that she’s bringing to the Apple stores? That’ll sure drive sales. Now, how about you telling us what you think she’s done that warrants her salary? If I owned Apple stock I would be pissed.

  4. As Apple stock suffers free fall Tim Cook laugh all the way to the bank.

    An honest and respectable “executive” would not so easily take the money and run. So much for corporate responsibility.

      1. What a horrible thing to say about twelve-year olds!

        I believe most children’s anal fixations end in their toddler phase. Fred’s still playing with his, so, mentally, he’s stuck there. These anally-fixated trolls that MDN attracts would be amusing if they weren’t all reading from the same cue cards. Unfortunately they aren’t. Anything. They aren’t intelligent. They aren’t mature. They aren’t rational. They aren’t decent. They aren’t wise, knowledgeable or even bright. They certainly aren’t amusing, and they’re way too dumb to be taken seriously, except by each other. Bottom feeders (double entendre?). Shit disturbers. Square pegs in square holes. Mean. Foul-mouthed. Easily dismissed.

        i take twelve-year olds quite seriously. They have agile minds, open minds, they are worth intellectual investment. Fred and his ilk get what they deserve, nothing.

        Please, let’s not lower ourselves to his level, you know what they say about arguing with idiots on the Internet, if you win, you feel like the able-bodied athlete getting gold at the Paralympics.

        Cheers to all, even you Phred.


  5. Wasn’t Ahrendts hired for her knowledge and experience in retail markets of China?

    All the US based know-it-all bloviaters here will probably never see (or recognize if they did see) her contribution to Apple’s bottom line.

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