How to make unwanted apps disappear in iOS 9.2

“YouTube user videosdebarraquito has discovered iOS 9.2 has the ability to, quite literally, make unwanted apps disappear,” Gordon Kelly reports for Forbes. “He has detailed the steps in the video below but the steps are as follows.”

1. Move the unwanted apps to a new folder (it doesn’t have to be called ‘Disappear’)
2. Drag each one as far right in the folder as possible
3. While the app is still held under your finger tap the Home button

“This magically causes the app to disappear and the trick can be repeated for every app in the folder,” Kelly reports. “Once they have all gone and you exit the folder it too will disappear.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: As noted by “videosdebarraquito,” the hidden apps remain accessible from Spotlight Search and return to view when restarting your iDevice.


  1. Hey. Lots of irritation here for a little trick you don’t have to use. If you don’t like the temporary disappearing act, don’t use it. But to complain about it doesn’t make much sense. I might not use it either, but I like knowing about it.

  2. Interesting idea, but here’s a simpler that I use:

    1. Move all the unwanted apps to the farthest right-hand screen.
    2. Organise this junk into folders, if you like.
    3. Don’t go to that screen…unless you have to, of course!

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