A series of questions for Apple’s 2016

“I’m not a fan of prediction posts at the start of each year,” Neil Cybart writes for Above Avalon.

“Instead, the much more valuable way to prepare for the new year is to embrace the unknown,” Cybart writes. “By formulating and organizing a series of questions, it becomes that much easier to assess a company’s strengths, weaknesses, priorities, and opportunities over the next twelve months.”

A sampling of a couple of Cybart’s questions:

• The Apple Watch has become a litmus test for Apple’s ability to create compelling new product categories. What features will Apple look to improve when the Apple Watch is updated in a few months? There is low-hanging fruit in terms of features that can see improvement, including an Apple S2 chip and slightly better battery, although the device’s small footprint should be taken into consideration when thinking of realistic near-term advancements. Will Apple push ahead with health and fitness and include additional health-related sensors in Apple Watch 2? In addition, how much change will Apple push in terms of the device’s physical design attributes?

• Apple’s new $1,299 MacBook was the Mac highlight of 2015. The major theme to watch is Apple bringing features found in the new MacBook to other models in the Mac lineup. Will Apple announce an ARM-based MacBook running an iOS derivative? There have been clues that such a move may be in the pipeline.

Tons more (Apple management, Project Titan, iPhone, iOS, iPad, and more) in the full article – highly recommendedhere.

MacDailyNews Take: We want our Apple Smartbands!

Do not underestimate the power of Apple Watch 2… We would love to see Apple launch Apple Smartbands that add sensor and other functionality to Apple Watch. An Apple GPS Smartband and an Apple Battery Smartband, right now, would sell like wildfire. It’s a missed opportunity for the original Apple Watch’s first Christmas, but we hope to see such items in 2016. — MacDailyNews Take, December 11, 2015


  1. Quick comment from a quik glance at the article…
    “Jony Ive. It has been approximately six months since Jony Ive officially relinquished day-to-day managerial control over Apple’s industrial and software design teams. How will this change manifest itself in Apple product development in the long-run? There is little to no evidence to suggest much will change. ”
    Im not sure if i agree.
    The Igor battery pack case for iphone… The hidiouse ipadpro keyboard cover … The unispireing disproportionly thicker hocky pock AppleTV… ……At least to me are indication that maybe there is reason to be concerned…. ( add to the above the pencil charging.. The magic mouse charging design and solutions ! And to some extent the watch charge pad design ..)

    Interesting article that invites interesting debate.. Will review it in more detail and share my thoughts.
    Interested in others take on the issues….

    1. Interesting indeed though the examples you suggest were surely developed when JI was still in full control for the most part and even now surely he would act as did SJ as a test bed for others work and giving it overall approval or otherwise, that certainly is not Cook’s strength. The latter is certainly rehired judging by some recent Apple output I can’t deny. Either way that will indeed be an interesting thing to judge 6 months or so down the line. We shall see if this is indeed Ive’s new role now that he doesn’t have to try to take active control over far too much these days passing through the studios for one man to control. Or whether this is a transition to him moving away to other things, or worst of the lot he is losing his edge.

      1. Well we dont really knkw if he was.. We knkw there was a pubic announcement recently.. But when he actually took on his new position is not that obvious..
        And all the products i mentioned are the latest products… Just food for thought

        Recently i wake up with even more reliance on the wisdom of the ” serenity prayer “

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