Disney CEO: Apple TV provides best user experience ever

Robert Iger, chairman and chief executive officer at Walt Disney Company, discusses the company’s relationship with Apple and his thoughts on Apple TV.

Iger oversaw the acquisition of Steve Jobs’ Pixar Animation Studios in 2006.

On November 15, 2011, Iger joined Apple’s Board of Directors.

“The Apple TV box and the interface that it provides is the best user experience I’ve seen ever for television users.” — Robert Iger, Walt Disney Company CEO

Iger speaks on “Bloomberg ”

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Direct link to the video here.


  1. Spot on, Bob.

    I love my ATV4. The sole reason I got it was for Air Video HD which works beautifully. Will ATV4 get better?—certainly.

    The lack of 4K is a non-issue for me, although for some it is. No doubt a future version will support it. My only, albeit minor, gripe is the lack of an optical output. Although arguably not an elegant solution, a simple HDMI breakout box can address this issue.

    I also hope that the UK broadcast majors follow the BBC’s lead in short order and make their catch-up services available asap. The BBC iPlayer app looks like a seamless part of the ATV4: a beautiful piece of design.


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