Teardown reveals hidden secrets inside Apple’s Smart Battery Case for iPhone 6/6s

iFixit has conducted a teardown of Apple Smart Battery Case for iPhone 6/s.

“The back of the battery case boasts its most important feature: an iPhone 4 backpack!” iFixit reports. “While the Smart Battery needs its own external Lightning connector to charge and pass data through to the iPhone within, 3.5 mm headphone jack connectivity is provided in the form of… a hole. As expected, the pass-through hole is perfectly sized for your iPhone’s included Apple Earpods. However, for anything bigger, you’ll need some sort of adapter.”

“Peeling back the lining we get our first look at the ‘brushed’ aluminum underneath,” iFixit reports. “We’re theorizing that those unsightly scratches are there to improve the adhesive’s bond. We also spot a mesh interfacing that strengthens the silicone hinge, preventing fatigue damage. Cool!”

“With 7.13 Whr (1877 mAh at 3.8 V) capacity, this battery more than doubles your iPhone 6s (6.55 Whr) capacity,” iFixit reports. “With the battery out, we got started prying up the logic board and followed its cable deep into the lower plasticy bits of the case…”

Read more, and see all of the gory dissection photos, in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: After holding it and using it, we love this case!

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  1. MDN, tell me now if, “the case was probably farmed out to a lowly Jony Ive side kick”, still rings true.

    As I said before. I am glad Apple designs as Apple thinks fit. Not as others think.

  2. How many Apple products, both hardware and software, were fiercely criticized just after release, primarily by people who had never used them? But after they are used, people find out how well they work and what was criticized initially becomes a “feature.”

  3. Just bought one and in the hand it feels great. I have owned many a mophie case and this case adds hardly any bulk. Doesnt look the best but damn does it feel great in the hand and feels way thinner than the Mophie Air which isnt even as much battery, I love it and highly recommend it. They didnt have any out for display but they opened one up for me and it took all of 5 seconds to realize how great it is.

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