Boom! Apple TV App Store now over 2,600 apps and growing like crazy

“I admit it. I doubted. I’ve been an Apple TV customer for years, but I’ve been content to let Apple TV serve a very basic purpose: giving me access to Netflix, iTunes TV shows and movies, and little else,” Matt Asay writes for ReadWrite. “So when Apple CEO Tim Cook declared Apple TV’s app-centric experience the ‘future of TV,’ I rolled my eyes. Well, I’m not rolling them anymore.”

“While I haven’t seen my life change through an appified Apple TV experience, I’m convinced that developers are the key to any product taking flight,” Asay writes. “And the data says that developers love Apple TV, to the tune of 2,624 apps today, according to Appfigures. Ariel Michaeli, the founder and CEO of the app-tracking service, projects that will rise to 5,000 by the end of December and 10,000 by early 2016. Maybe TV was meant to be about apps, after all.”

“While games dominate the available app inventory, they don’t (yet) dominate consumer interest,” Asay writes. “To glean consumer interest, Appfigures pulled the top 50 tvOS apps in terms of downloads and then matched them to categories. Just 16% of the top 50 apps are games, while 56% fall into the entertainment category. Small wonder, then, that the top 10 apps are all streaming apps from popular TV services and cable channels.”

Much more in the full article – recommended – here.

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  1. 2500 Apps, but none that bring foreign language TV to America. Every winter I have my Russian father-in-law wintering in my house in Texas and I need to give him something to watch so he stops driving me nuts surfing through bad American TV.

  2. Apple needs to allow folders ..
    It’s very inefficient to scan through all these apps on one page.. It’s ridiculous! Games .. Screensavers , channels etc all mixed up on one page !

    Also apple needs to allow us to creat favorites folderS for orginizing what we like.
    Way of consolidating programing from different apps … Example of such folders could be ( my favorite syfy, favorite news, favorite sidcom.. Etc) Each folder can show a dot with a number inside ( like ios mail) showing designated new content that has not been watched or something along those lines )
    my stupid dvr is capable of some orginization. Without this orginizationsl tools at the core of TVOS .. It will be mess and inefficiant !

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