The hidden convenience in iOS 9

“I’m sold,” gabe writes for MacDrifter. “iOS 9 is the best OS Apple has ever made since OS 6. As usual, the documentation is the weakest part of the product. Every week I find some new reason to love my big phone. This week I discovered two revolutionary, if hidden, features.”

“Last week I received a request to complete a contract and sign it. As I fumbled through how I could do this on my phone I discovered a curious little extension called ‘Markup and Reply,'” Gabe writes. “The annotation tools aren’t very sophisticated but what I do get is access to my signatures created on my Mac.”

“When viewing calendar invites in Apple’s Calendar for iOS I noticed flight dates were automatically parsed from me email accounts and added as potential appointments in the inbox” Gabe writes. “These Weren’t calendar invites in the traditional sense. They were HTML emails with flight details. The calendar has them ready to schedule.”

More info and screenshots in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We mis one thing in iOS 9: Tap and hold on an image or video to copy it. Now we have to go into the sharing sheet to copy it. Copying photos and videos used to be faster and easier in iOS 8 than it is now. Why not continue to offer some of the most-used actions, like copy, in a pop-up menu item for photos and videos?


        1. “… all you have to do …” will unfortunately, for most iPhone users, include step 1: Purchase an iPhone 6s/6s plus, at least if force touch is required.

  1. Markup and reply …awesome… Thank you for the tip.
    i had no idea it existed.. Previously i resorted to 3rd party pdf apps to accomplish this.. When the feature was right there as a part of ios 9…

    Why does Apple like to play Hide and seek?

  2. Actually, why can’t I add my own tags to every photo in the Photos app? Why do I need a 3rd party app for this? I want to tag pictures as soon as I take them so I can find them easily again. To leave out such a simple yet vital feature is beyond me…

    1. “To leave out such a simple yet vital feature is beyond me”
      From your mouth to apples ears…
      So many , so many obviouse and vital featcher are omitted…bewildering .

      Apple u need to Up your game in software, UI, functionality.
      Things are getting too convoluted . That is not what Apple stands for !

  3. Change for the sake of change is the new rule. Without any thinking about the effects of change, because change is good, right?

    Obviously not always. Especially when you have so many disconnected objectives and directions like Apple has now.

    There is no one guiding vision, having been a supply chain guy for a good part of my life, you can develop tunnel vision and I think Apple as several tunnels going in different directions, yet does not know for sure where any of them are going.

    Before you respond: “well Windows is worse” or some nonsense like that: Yes it is, but it IS getting better. Apple should ALWAYS be getting better, and they are in a few areas but ease of use is what brought success.

    I tend to agree about iOS9, it does have some improvements and that is nice for a change.

  4. I’ve never liked having to discover all the swipes that Apple expects us to learn in iOS. I also am not sold on the force touch thing.

    Neither are intuitive, they become guessing games. Swiping especially doesn’t work reliably, it’s an Androidism.

    What’s funny is that Apple abandoned the intuitive menu bar. When you know where to click to access the pop-up menu, then there is no guesswork. Then when you select your function, it’s just one more click on the clearly labeled function button — not a guess at how hard to press.

    Why can’t Apple figure that out?

  5. This may have preceded iOS9 but I recently received a call from an unknown number, except that it included the line “possibly from John Smith” as the phone was ringing. It had retrieved the name from an email that I had exchanged with a new person I had met.

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