Progress on Apple’s ‘spaceship’ Campus 2 shown in new 4K aerial drone video

Apple’s “spaceship” Campus 2 “is scheduled to be completed in late 2016, giving the company just 12 months to wrap up construction to stay on schedule,” Juli Clover reports for MacRumors.

“Apple’s construction crews have been hard at work over the past few months,” Clover reports, “making a lot of headway on the main ring-shaped building, the underground auditorium, and the parking structures.”

“Drone pilot Duncan Sinfield today shared another monthly campus update video with MacRumors,” Clover reports, “giving a close-up look at how construction has progressed since November.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The scale of the project is difficult to grasp. This overlay of The Pentagon helps:

Apple Campus 2 with overlay of the U.S. Pentagon
Apple Campus 2 with overlay of the U.S. Pentagon


  1. This is one of the best drone videos of the new Apple campus I’ve seen thus far. It is interesting that the flights are made outside the working day.

    The MDN graphic sparks an obvious question: Are you telling me that the Apple spaceship was designed to be just a bit larger than the Pentagon? That couldn’t be a coincidence…

  2. It looks like the white circles are a landing pad, which could mean a spaceship landing pad? And for those interested – I’ve been following the EMDrive’s blogs very extensively over the last few months. NASA is getting their second revised paper ready for peer review. If everything goes as planned it should be published within a few months. It is also possible Glen and JPL are or will be testing for anomalous thrust.

    Many physicists are still saying this reactionless drive is complete BS because it violates many established rules, including Alcubierre’s warp drive math. They also don’t believe Eagleworks’s (lab at NASA) hypothesis which states the microwaves in the frustrum are interacting with virtual plasma to create the thrust. NASA says this does not violate Newton’s laws. Other scientists are still very skeptical, but are keeping an open mind and helping the DIY community (mainly engineers and microwave experts) to address possible sources of error and to help tune the devices. One very experienced DIY’er has been building her test stand for the past several months and will begin testing very shortly.

    Last note: The Chinese team did report positive results two years ago, but recently haven’t said a word. Eagleworks stated their positive results several months ago, and at that time it was inferred the device could create a warp bubble (theoretically helping to achieve faster than light travel). Since that time they have gone virtually silent, except to say that they have accounted for all the possible Lorenz Forces. It does appear Boeing and the inventor of the technology were in collaboration, but Boeing stated they broke ties with Sawyer. They did not say if they stopped working on the technology. Some people think they went black. I do find it interesting that a former Boeing executive has recently joined the Apple board.

    If this technology turns out to be the real deal and it can be tuned/scaled then it will change everything. We are talking “flying cars”, trips to the moon in an hour or two and eventually interstellar travel.

  3. The spaceship campus is a cover for Apple’s real purpose — a tunnel through the Earth, emerging on the northern Iran-Turkmenistan border. Accomplishing this colossal task will turn the planet from a spheroid into a torus, giving it new topological properties and requiring a new proof of the four-colour theorem, so important to map-makers in distinguishing bordering countries.

  4. Cue the naysayers who will tell us that the drone should have been recording at 1080 resolution maximum because that’s all they can see.

    Like it or not, UHD is here. Get used to it and stop defending Apple for being so @#$%* slow in supporting it.

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