Amazon Prime Video coming to new Apple TV soon

“Amazon appears to have confirmed to engineer Dan Bostonweeks that it is developing a tvOS app for Prime Video that could launch before the end of 2015,” Joe Rossignol reports for MacRumors. “‘Hopefully, within a few weeks span, you will be able to see the Amazon Instant Video app feature on your Apple TV,’ the company purportedly said in an email.”

“Apple was wrongly criticized by some in October for seemingly not allowing Prime Video on the new Apple TV,” Rossignol reports, “but shortly after the company provided a statement to BuzzFeed News emphasizing that “all are welcome” on the platform — Amazon simply had not submitted a Prime Video app for the tvOS App Store. ‘Apple tells BuzzFeed News that ‘all are welcome’ on its new Apple TV platform. But Amazon — which recently purged Apple TV from its store — doesn’t have a Prime Video app in the Apple TV App Store. And as of a few days ago, it hadn’t submitted one.'”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Amazon blinked.

So, we assume that means Amazon will be carrying Apple TV units for sale again, too. Makes sense, right?

As long as this is all ironed out and ready-to-go for the new Clarkson/May/Hammond series on Amazon Prime!

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  1. That’s great news! I will be taking advantage of that. 🙂
    I, personally, don’t need the Apple TV box on Amazon. I will be getting mine from Costco.

  2. Walked into Bestbuy at El Segundo and almost tripped over Amazon Fire display. It blocked the entrance where you had to go in one restricted direction. I get the feeling they got pinched by sales on their streaming and are now trying to plug the loss.

    Bezos the Clown!

    1. I’m assuming that they got pinched by their hardware sales and are trying to clear backed up innovatory by Christmas. That would explain why they blocked Apple TV hardware.

      Their streaming service is fine, everyone who wants Prime shipping is automatically signed up.

  3. This was a logical choice.

    But I think it was meant to be a publicity stunt that ended up looking bad for Amazon. For them to stop selling Apple TV, they also had to stop selling Chrome Cast. The result, they poked the two biggest kids on the block in the eyes. Now they look like the bad guy.

    When Apple said all are welcome, that really showed us the playbook.

    I also wanted to confirm, you can make purchases on the iPhone and iPad, through Amazon’s apps. I am not sure about the Kindle app specifically but I can confirm the Amazon Store app does not play reindeer games.

    Apple and Amazon should technically get a long. Amazon is all about content, and Apple is all about the hardware. Amazon sells hardware to bring people to their content, and Apple hosts content to sell hardware. So I really don’t see why they don’t have a better relationship. Though we all know the problem – it isn’t with Apple.

  4. Assuming that Amazon does get their app onto Apple TV, I’ll bet that any return of AppleTV to the Amazon store will occur AFTER the christmas buying season. Which may have been amazon’s goal all along

  5. I have been an customer since way before bought them. The Audible App on my iPhone cannot make purchases because Amazon will not pay the 30% fee that it costs Apple to support the App Store. Amazon has shown itself to not be a team player and wants to hog everything for itself.

    1. “Amazon will not pay the 30% fee that it costs Apple to support the App Store. Amazon has shown itself to not be a team player”

      I have much more loyalty to Apple than I do to Amazon, but your characterization is little one sided imo. Amazon’s entire margin is no doubt smaller than apple’s cut of 30% of gross. It’s perhaps way smaller, since they generally have paper thin margins on all of their products.

      Windows never charged a penny to content providers to be sell product on their machines. Also I believe Apple’s app store could make accommodations to content providers such as amazon which is not so prohibitive. As a stock holder I’m happy to see apple make money on in-app sales, but this is just not so simple an issue.

      1. 1. Amazon doesn’t have paper thin margins on their software.
        2. Windows never checked every piece of software and every software update for viruses or other malware.
        3. Windows, er, Microsoft and clone makers did collect lots and lots of money to put lots and lots of junk ware on your PC’s, something Mac’s never did.

        1. “Amazon doesn’t have paper thin margins on their software.”

          Link please or it doesn’t exist. Here’s my link:

          (From the above article) While apple has corporate margins of about 30%, Amazon has razor thin margins of about 2% OR LESS, on everything.

          If Apple is asking for 30% of Amazon’s in-app content charge, then for example, on an amazon $6 movie rental, apple would want $2, while amazons ENTIRE PROFIT on that rental (at an assumed 2%) would be a likely 12 cents.

          Even if that 2% is wrong (say it were 20%, though I’ve seen NOTHING to support that), then apple at 30% would be charging Amazon 50% MORE THAN THEIR ENTIRE PROFIT.

          And you’re knocking amazon for not being a team player. Apple’s 30% plan just doesn’t work for this kind of business model.

        2. Sorry your link doesn’t apply.
          He’s not selling software, he’s selling boxes of other people’s software – something he can’t do on Apple’s app store.

          His ONLY cost on his own software is R&D. If he sells it on Apple’s app store, it is pure profit (after the R&D of corse)

        3. You are the one that brought up Apple’s digital 30% vs. Amazon “razor thin” 2% on tangible goods. (and provided the link about tangible goods) apples and oranges. There is no such thing as razor thin margins on digital software when you own the software.

          But to talk about your subject, I don’t buy blindly on Amazon because not everything is a good price, it’s not all razor thin margins. Hey, they have to make a profit, I understand.
          BTW – I’m not anti Amazon (see the first post on this story) I buy tons of stuff from them.

  6. I have Amazon Prime, watched the stuff available ON Prime maybe 2-3 times.. PITA (only used it from Safari, not going to install anything on my iOS devices, and I don’t have anything that I know of with a Prime video app built in..)

    Prime Video ON my Apple TV? I may actually use that feature now.

  7. Yet, we still won’t be able to view it in 4K (I know 4K is just growing and not everything is broadcast in 4K)….

    How Apple could skip 4K in this version of AppleTV is beyond me…. And really speaks to deeper failures in their ‘thinking’. Or they are just lazy or greedy or both. With 200 billion they certainly should be understaffed….

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