Why Apple should have released ‘padOS’ with iPad Pro

“It’s been an interesting year for Apple – they’ve announced one completely new hardware product (the Apple Watch) and two major updates to existing product lines (the 4th generation Apple TV and the iPad Pro),” Jan Dawson writes for Tech.pinions. “In the process, they’ve also launched two new operating systems: watchOS and tvOS, for the Apple Watch and the new Apple TV respectively. However, the one really new product that didn’t get a new operating system was the iPad Pro, which runs iOS, the same operating system that runs on all iPads as well as iPhones and the iPod Touch. There’s a logic to this, but there’s a case to be made Apple should have launched a new OS – call it padOS – with the iPad Pro.”

“The two new operating systems Apple has launched recently are, in reality, versions of iOS optimized for two new form factors – the Watch and the Apple TV. Each of them has customizations which make them work best on, respectively, 1.5 inch screens worn on the wrist and 40+ inch screens several feet from the user, which they interact with through a remote,” Dawson writes. “Like watchOS and tvOS, this [padOS] operating system wouldn’t be completely new but would instead be largely based on iOS while making adjustments and optimizations for the new form factor and interaction models.”

“The next big question becomes which iPads should run this new operating system. Does the iPad Pro truly stand alone, or do the same accessories and interaction models eventually extend back down the line to the iPad Air and even the iPad Mini?” Dawson writes. “Should those devices also run padOS? Or should the new OS instead be called iOS Pro or something else that makes clear it’s optimized for this specific device and not iPads in general?”

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MacDailyNews Take: iOS works perfectly fine for iPads, including iPad Pros. If it ain’t broke, don’t “fix” it.


    1. Interesting I was wondering if he defines that in the main article, clearly not then too busy apparently working out obscure confusing naming conventions. Surely as Apple has always done, you tune the OS for the product within the range father all there are things I can’t forget on my older iPad that the same OS does on the newer ones and that has also been the case with Macs at times, I really don’t need it to have a different name especially as certain abilities can come and go between the particular products as they are upgraded meaning that you could suddenly have an OS with different names that do exactly the same thing. Reminds me of the pointless era of Quadras and Perfomers simply confusing the buyer.

    2. IPad, and iPad Pro already have somewhat different iOS systems.

      1. The iPhone runs iOS iPhone apps, but not all iPad apps.
      2. The iPad runs iPad apps, but not all features of all apps, depending on the model. The iPad mini and Air do not support the Apple Pencil, or those features of apps that require the Pencil. iPad also runs many, but not all, iPhone apps.
      3. The iPad Pro runs all the apps the iPad Air or Mini will run, along with a subset of apps designed for the iPad Pro, requiring it’s Pencil or other features.

      At minimum, I wish Apple would break out iPad Pro, the same way they differentiate iPad from iPhone apps. The current App Store is way too huge to easily find what I am looking for.

      What I would really like is a Pro/Business store. As a Pro, it really irritates me to have to wade through a bazillion games when I am looking for a Pro level 3D CADor 3D Scanner or other specialized app.

      1. “What I would really like is a Pro/Business store. As a Pro, it really irritates me to have to wade through a bazillion games when I am looking for a Pro level 3D CAD or 3D Scanner or other specialized app.”
        Wouldn’t it be great if you could have a device that not only had apps in a store, but also allowed you to install full professional software packages and run them on an i7 with a stack of memory and a SSD. If only there was such a device…

        1. “install full professional software”

          The iPad Pro is fully capable of running “professional software”. There just isn’t much out there yet and it has nothing to do with any kind of inabilities… it has more to do with iOS being a relatively new computing paradigm. Finding a place to jam all those features into an interface that was designed to be extremely simple, will take some time. This happened 30 years ago with the Mac as well… The original MacOS did not have keyboard shortcuts or even sub menus. It also had a flat file system and you could only run one application at a time. All these things slowly and eventually went away in order to add complexity and increase user efficiency.

          iOS is an attempt to restore that original simplicity and eventually offer new levels of complexity as the software necessitates it. This is what we’re seeing happen now. Split screen, 3D-Touch, etc. The biggest difference between then and now, is that iOS is an interplay between software and hardware (touch).

        2. This was sort of my point. Why release such a powerful tablet with an A9X processor and other good specs, as well as the pencil, and put a mobile phone operating system on it? Why isn’t OS X developed for this? People will buy this tabet under the same illusion as yourself tha it’s a start for something better. That is not how it should be. Apple have had enough experience to not release a product lke this without the adequate hardware At the moentit is just a very powerful version of the iiPhone/iPad with the expected upscaling issues because of that. It just isn’t good enough to use Apple’s pedigree as an excuse for a mistake.

  1. Of course Apple could just be just like Google and release a new operating system for every device that comes in the market . . . or . . . they could be smart (like they are)

        1. Mark, what’s the point of you wasting your time here insulting everyone?

          Did you have anything to discuss? Did you want to inform us of something? Or did you have a question that we could help answer?

          You really have to ask youself what your purpose in life is if you can’t even be civil. I don’t believe for a second that you’re actually entertaining yourself with such juvenile behavior. I can’t begin to guess what problems you have, but please seek help. Attacking people without cause is not normal.

  2. iOS works perfectly fine for iPads, including iPad Pros. If it ain’t broke, don’t “fix” it. :: What? I completely disagree with MacDailyNews’ take on that one. Beside the new keyboard everything else is just a blown up version if the os you know from the iPhone 4. Apple don’t need to change the well known main ideas or interactions—but there’re a lot details they really need to take care of, not only the because homescreen on the iPad Pro is ridiculous and frustrating.

    There are still way too many apps that haven’t been updated for the iPad Pro, included the ones from Apple itselfs. How could this happen? How a company which is dedicated to design hardware and software didnt update its own apps before the launch? Seriously?

    With the Apple Watch, Apple TV, and the iPad Pro Apple released several products that totally rely on the developer outside the company. True, there’re a lot of highly talented out there, but I am still waiting for at least one incredible and new app from Apple directy which show how to use the full potential of the device, and how Apple imagine us to use the device.

    The iPad Pro is an amazing device with new capabilities, but it seems that Apple doesnt want to unleash them from the beginning.

  3. Ios needs user managabke file sys fir pro work.
    And ios and iPad pro has to be optimized for the screen size.. Like it was for ipads from iphone.
    MDN … Its not Broke.. But its not yet ideally functional or optimized .

  4. User manageable file system is critical for pro work… Ios needs to adopt that.
    Ios needs to be optimized for the Pro screen size like it was from iPhone to iPad.

    Mdn.. Yes Its not broke… Yet its far from ideal or optimized for the screensize and lacks some crucial functions…

    1. Ps.. If i may add.
      Same holds through for TVOS.. Not broke , some real cool stuff.. But way too many holes and lack of some crucial functionality and features.

      Folders come to mind again .. Way of orgnizing apps, ways of organizing favorite shows, movies , etc… .. I can do more on my Jurassic Warner dvr in these areas than Apple tv even comes close to allowing.
      Its a problem…. and i think Apple rushed it to the market… With so many obviouse features missing. Yet they have had so long to polish it.
      Lately i see some rushed releases from Apple… And i dont like it ….. Concerns me …

      1. Rather than another OS I think what we’re really talking about is an overhaul of iOS, not another series of tweaks that we always seem to get, save for the significant iOS7. I agree about a file system. I understand that they have tried to make iOS idiot-proof, but maybe they can make an expanded iOS an option for adults.

  5. One thing that really stuck out to me in one of the iPad Pro commercials was the Mail app. A women is sending a mail message to someone and there is this massive amount of unused white space on the screen. It looks very bizarre. I don’t know that the iPad Pro needed a custom OS, but when iOS was made to run on an iPad it was made for a 9.7 inch screen. It shrunk down beautifully to the 7.9 inch screen on the iPad Mini, but looks strange on the 12.9 inch iPad Pro. I hope Apple looks at this figures out some solution. Google is often criticized for not really optimizing Android for tablet use. It think Apple still has work to do to make iOS on the iPad Pro really pop. They have a lot great real estate on that screen. It is a bit disheartening that they did not pay more attention to that before its release.

  6. After having heard so much talk about resolution independence, there still seems to be a need for umpteen iOS app upgrades for every screen size that comes out (unnecessary, and annoying, for all but new device owners).
    IMHO developers aren’t fully embracing the rather recent Interface Builder constraints.
    Rather than provide so many versions of each screen layout, there is still a lot of flexibility available through those constraints.
    To have fully responsive layouts (as one tries to do for webpage themes), the real deal is not to focus on pixel-by-pixel issues, but to also implement CSS-like constraints.

  7. I agree. They should have came out with padOS. With this new is it can help apps scale to correct size for each iPad. I have a 6s Plus and some apps does not scale correctly to the bigger screen. With this in mind, they should have came out with phoneOS as well.

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