Apple’s iPad Pro: An entrepreneur’s verdict

“So it’s finally arrived – Apple’s iPad Pro,” Roberto Revilla writes for MinuteHack. “I’ve had mine for a few weeks, courtesy of the good folks at Apple, and I have to say it’s an amazing device. Now there is no getting around it, in the words of Donald Trump, ‘It’s huuuuuuuuge!'”

“If you want ultimate portability, stick with the iPad Air 2,” Revilla writes. “If you don’t mind lugging something twice as big around for the benefits of being able to finally have a tablet that you can both consume content on and REALLY WORK WITH then the iPad Pro is a must buy.”

“This thing is just screaming at me to open it up and type, I think it is one piece of technology that is going to change my professional life for the better,” Revilla writes. “Another home run for Apple!”

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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

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  1. Good comments from Robert who is a clothing designer.

    Too bad Robert Revilla didn’t have the Apple Pencil to use and review, but he promised to write another review after he’s had a chance to use it.

  2. Being that I’m a designer by trade I decided to try this thing out at my local Apple store. I particularly wanted to try out the Apple pencil and a piece of software called Umake (sketching in 3D!). The Apple assistant wouldn’t let me download Umake, but he did have Adobe Sketch installed on the demo machine. I’ve got to say the pencil is pretty good, the pressure sensitivity was excellent as well. I was surprised to find a very slight amount of latency which hadn’t been mentioned in any of the reviews I’d read. But it is not a deal breaker and it may have been a software issue (it was Adobe after all), it’s just not as perfect as I was hoping for (my standards are stupidly high though). I’m definitely going to buy an iPad Pro and Pencil after Christmas and Umake, hopefully these three purchases will change everything for me, I will literally be able to draw my designs save them and have a 3D model created, pretty awesome. I can’t really see the iPad pro replacing my MacBook pro any time soon, but for designing it looks the business.

    1. Your thoughts run right with mine.

      I use SolidWorks 3D CAD on a MBPro in Win7 right now and will continue that until I get a new MBPro. The iPadPro will not get SolidWorks, but, and this is big. All designs now, or at least new designs, start out on an envelope, napkin or lined pad. The iPad Pro means no more scanning of paper to document or send the sketches to someone or file away on my Mac.

    2. Go back and try the Pencil out with Notes. As Apple has full control of Notes, they were really able to optimize it for Pencil. You will be really surprised at how awesome it is.

      It will take some time for the 3rd parties to really get up to speed with it’s capabilities.

  3. I have the iPad Pro for a few weeks now. I bought the Logitech Create keyboard instead of the Apple keyboard. I did not like the Apple keyboard as it is not handy to use and I did not like the typing on it. And it lacks backlight.
    The hardware (screen, speed) is excellent and easy to replace my Macbook in daily work. The limitation is the software. If you work in a regular office/business environment Office for iPad offers not the same functionality as Office 2016 for mac. This means it is possible to modify an existing document, but much more difficult to create a document from scratch. Of course, you can create a document, but a lot of functionality is missing to setup e.g. a powerpoint presentation (try e.g. to alter the footer…you can’t).
    Pages/Keynote become better and better but still are no Office replacement for me. Compatibility also became better recently, but still I have compatibility issues with Office files.
    Multitasking is an improvement but not all apps support this yet.
    Moreover, the file management system of iOS is too complicated and too much focussed on iCloud, which I don’t trust yet to be my day-to-day storage platform for all my business files. I use Dropbox, which has a high level of integration, but it takes too many steps to handle files.
    Printing is still not a very easy to use feature of iOS. Yes you can print, but only on certain printers or through third party apps like Handyprint which only work when my iMac is turned on.
    In my opinion a lot of things in iOS need streamlining in order to make it as easy as possible to use for customers. I don’t feel iOS is setup to achieve this (yet).

      1. I tend to agree though not a great problem for me I can see that for some it would be a real pain compared to their normal desktop way of working.

        Roelands take was really excellent and informative I thought by the way. IOS9 is a big leap forward but still further development and refining needed, but at least it’s now clearly headed in the right direction. Also good that so many pros are being so positive about its capabilities despite the argument over its supposed lack of desktop functionality.

        1. … It not just wanting desktop familiarity Spy… . It a matter of efficiency , convenience, consistency and user manageability .
          All very critical to pro user who work with multiple different files in a ptoject and multiple different application.
          And need to have a conveniant way of orginizing their assets.. Not dictated by Apple but how they choose to ….
          If Apple wants to claim Ipad pro is a pro device… File managemnt is one of the biggest shortcommings.
          They solved the precise input issue through the magnificent pencil… But files and full fledged apps are something that need to catch up.

          Try the follwing very simple task. Dont use any desktop , just stick to ios envirnoment :
          Record a voice memo on iphone.
          Open the memo in Garageband as an audio track …..
          Tell me how easy it was and how u did it.

          Try interacting with icloud drive through grageband .

          Some apps work with it.. Some dont … Some recognize relevant files fotmats some dont.
          Its extremely inconstant and inconvenient. And frustrating .

  4. So I still use my MacBook Pro in combination with my iPad Pro and iPhone 6 Plus.
    Great combination, but too many devices to take with me. My goal is/was to use the iPad Pro for mail, appointments, presentations and creating documents and my iPhone for calling etc.
    Less is more…..
    To be clear: I very like my iPad Pro and hope the software will improve over time.

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