Rumor: Apple will be unveiling the 4-inch iPhone 7c next September, not an ‘iPhone 6c’ in February

“According to available information from companies that supply parts to the company Foxconn, Apple has plans to submit a 4-inch model iPhone 7c, putting it on sale next year,” Chris Chang reports for M.I.C. Gadget, citing rumors spreading inside Foxconn.

“Why iPhone 7c, but not iPhone 6c? If you believe the rumors, the announcement of the 4-inch Apple iPhone 7c not be held in February, as stated earlier, [but] in September [instead],” Chang reports.

“Apple will release the device to increase the demand and interest of the public to warm up for the autumn announcement of the iPhone 7,” Chang reports.

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MacDailyNews Take: The rumor mill is all fired up over the 4-inch iPhone!


  1. Aw shucks just when EVERYONE was going to stop all plans to buy iPhones this Xmas – NOT.

    How much more desperate can all the rumor mongers be and how more evil, to try and spoil Xmas for Apple???

    Apple’s gonna kill retail this Xmas fudsters – read this and weep!


  2. This makes more sense. I hope this pans out. Hopefully a small form factor with an equally great camera as the other 7.
    The best camera is the one you have on you, and a smaller iPhone is one you take everywhere. My iPhone 5s is attached at the hip because it is so un-intrusive. Jogging, hiking, gym and all outdoors, what a better time place and reason to carry and have a great camera on you?

      1. I agree with RP. If we are making it small, and we have the choice of the two larger models, why not make it really smaller by returning to the original 3.5 inch size.

        I know it is hard for people who prefer larger screen to understand, but there is a unique appeal to having a very small phone with a small screen. It’s a different animal. Screen size is not what this segment of the market is after. It’s size, the smaller the better, this segment of the market wants, not a larger screen.

        So, APPLE, I hope you are listening and thinking about offering a truly smaller sized phone. Don’t go halfway. Make it small because that is what defines this market niche.

        Lock up the market from big to small.

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