Apple supplier Avago smashes earnings record

“Avago Technologies stock jumped late Wednesday after the Apple supplier reported fiscal Q4 earnings that topped Wall Street expectations, with full-year fiscal 2015 EPS jumping 83% from fiscal 2014,” Allison Gatlin reports for Investor’s Business Daily.

“Wireless sales growth helped push fiscal 2015 revenue to a record, Avago CEO Hock Tan said during the company’s earnings conference call with analysts,” Gatlin reports. “Shares were up 7.5% in after-hours trading, after the supplier of chips to Apple and other mobile device makers released its earnings. Shares of fellow Apple chip suppliers NXP Semiconductors and Skyworks Solutions were both up more than 1% after hours.”

“For its Q4, which ended Oct. 31, Avago reported $1.84 billion in sales and $2.51 earnings per share ex items, up 16% and 26%, respectively, vs. the year-earlier quarter,” Gatlin reports. “Many analysts predict a decline in Q1 unit sales for the iPhone, and other Apple suppliers have noted as much during their September-quarter conference calls.
Tan, though, predicts a 20% increase in Avago RF content in the next smartphone from the unnamed North American customer — i.e., Apple. Analysts questioned that growth prediction. ‘Not many people can do it,'” Tan said. But ‘content keeps going in that range, and we’re always able to capture that. That is a broad trend in the smartphone market, and we do not see that changing in the next three years.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Certainly bodes well for Apple and the iPhone.

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  1. So, this refutes the claims of the pundits who said that Apple suppliers had their orders reduced 10%. I guess we can expect Wall Street to respond now and sell off more AAPL.

    Sell on news, buy on . . . ?

      1. Perhaps if you sat on your investment instead of sell and buy, you would have been happier the last three years. The stock rose 33 points and I made 211,000 dollars. The problem with AAPL is a bunch of jittery investors who listen to every stupid rumor and completely miss out on the company’s fundamentals. Don’t be a chump. If you own a stock of this quality from a company you love, just sit on your investment and you’ll make plenty of money.

      2. “not so much the stock – especially the last three years”

        Are we talking about the same company. My portfolio, comprised almost 100% in AAPL, shows gains of 9.8%, 43.3% and 9.1% for the last 3 years. An average of 20.7%. I have not had a losing year in the last 7 years and the average for those 7 years is 19.1%.

        How much of a return are you looking for?

        Perhaps you are talking about the last 3 months which have been a bummer. If you are, like so many investors have said, you have to be long term to benefit from an investment in AAPL. To be fair, it is almost impossible for a new investor to hold the course in light of the multitude of manipulative articles regarding Apple.

  2. Apple’s suppliers sell a heap of product and their share prices take off. Apple uses those same supplies and sells a proportionately sized heap of product but their share prices plummet.

  3. Good news, bad news = FUD for traders. Apple fundamentals are on a solid foundation so just invest and hold on for the long haul.

    Investors who have held Apple for the past 2 decades are all smiles. We just ignore the static of daily and quarterly swings while enjoying incredible growth in long accumulated wealth. There has always been the doom and gloom crowd. I have been called crazy for owning Apple many times over the years. I just ignore those people while my investment multiplies.

    Traders, meanwhile miss the boat, chasing the elusive quick buck.

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