Apple turns retail store logos red to recognize World AIDS Day

“Continuing a tradition begun four years ago, Apple today has joined in recognizing World AIDS Day by coloring Apple logos on its retail stores around the world bright red,” Mitchel Broussard reports for MacRumors. “The worldwide event was established to represent the global fight in preventing HIV and AIDS, as well as promoting healthy education of the diseases, a cause Apple has helped forward with its line of (PRODUCT)RED accessories.”

“As in years past, the company has taken to promoting the World AIDS Day events not only in retail locations but on its online storefront, as well,” Broussard reports. “The home page of today encourages visitors to shop the company’s (PRODUCT)RED line of Mac, iPhone, iPod, iPad, Apple Watch, and Beats accessories to help promote and fund AIDS defense and awareness.”

Broussard reports, “The company quietly launched a (PRODUCT)RED leather case for the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus yesterday in time for the December 1 event…”

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MacDailyNews Note:’s home page today: promotes (PRODUCT)RED promotes (PRODUCT)RED


  1. Red is an attractive color and (RED) is a worthwhile cause.

    That being said, cancer kills more people by far. What is the decision making process that makes HIV a more pressing issue than cancer? Just curious.

    1. HIV infection is 100% preventable with education, safer sex practices, injection drug harm-reduction measures, and treatment. The same can’t be said for cancer.

  2. The Product Red campaign collects money for the Global Fund, which fights not only AIDS, but also malaria and tuberculosis. Somehow, the other two diseases tend to get omitted from the advertising messaging for the Product Red stuff.

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