Volvo and Microsoft to jointly develop self-driving cars

“Volvo and Microsoft will join forces to develop the next generation of automotive technologies, the two companies have announced,” Steve Huntingford reports for The Telegraph.

“Microsoft’s biggest rival, Apple, recently introduced its own in-car connectivity software, CarPlay, which is now available in everything from Fords to Ferraris, and is designed to make it easy to access the apps on your iPhone on the move,” Huntingford reports. “However, this latest tie-up between car maker and technology giant promises to go much further, with Volvo and Microsoft planning to jointly develop self-driving cars and the technology that will subsequently allow people to work on the move.”

Huntingford reports, “Klas Bendrik, senior vice president and chief information officer at Volvo, said: ‘Technology will allow us to achieve not only a more sustainable and crash-free future but also new benefits for our customers and society. Together with Microsoft we aim to pioneer in this field.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: car crashWho’s running Volvo now, the batshit insane?

Microsoft obviously has it in for Scandinavia!

Who in their right mind would bet their life on a self-driving car made by Microsoft? It’d give real meaning to Blue Screen of Death, that’s for sure.

Microsoft and mission critical do not mix.

(Note: Volvo Car Corporation is headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden. Iit is a wholly owned subsidiary of Zhejiang Geely Holding Group of China.)

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  1. Bill Gates poo-poo’d the iPad because he couldn’t use it in a meeting to take notes. Now they want our cars to allow us to ‘work on the move’? All Microsoft thinks we want to do is work work work.

    1. Bill Gates can poo on his own head. Is the cruddy Surface slab of any use taking meeting notes? MS gave up on handwriting recognition within a month of the release of their first touch screen PCs, it was that bad.

      As ever, I miss Graffiti handwriting recognition. I was really good at it.

  2. it’s dumb for both of these companies to think about building a branded car. they would do better, looking to provide the necessities of life, with something like toilet paper.

    apple and microsoft are looking to supply the software cars run on. that makes more sense.

    1. Because Volvo is safety conscious, and MS likes to make things complicated, instead of putting in a key and turning it, or pressing a start button, this car will probably require about 5 steps to get it running.

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