Apple Pencil faces supply crunch, going for $500 on eBay

The Apple Pencil and Apple Smart Keyboard for iPad Pro are both “in short supply, and people are reselling them on eBay for as much as $650,” Hope King reports for CNN. “People are even stealing the Apple Pencil from demo stations in stores, according to reports on Reddit, Twitter, and blogs.”

“The new products were unveiled during a big event in September, and went on sale last Wednesday,” King reports. “Apple sold out online quickly, and there’s now a four to five week wait for them… ‘We have a limited supply of Apple Pencil and the Smart Keyboard in Apple Retail stores,’ a company spokesman told CNNMoney. ‘Customers are very excited for iPad Pro, Apple Pencil and the Smart Keyboard.’ The Apple Pencil costs $99 on Apple’s website, but they’re going for as much as $500 on eBay. The same thing has been happening with the Smart Keyboard, which Apple sells for $169. Over at eBay, sellers are asking for anywhere between $200 and $650.”

“Tumblr co-founder Marco Arment called the shortage ‘an embarrassing damper on the Pro launch,'” King reports. “‘My Apple Store got 20 Pencils yesterday. They let one guy buy all 20. Meanwhile, no in-store pickup, and online backordered 4–5 weeks,’ he tweeted… Apple says its stores will ‘continue to receive regular shipments and we encourage customers to visit for online availability and delivery dates” of both products.”

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MacDailyNews Take: This too shall pass.

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      1. I agree with what you wrote. However does the wider world know the difference? Could we call major companies parasites if we can show that they are not following principals of capitalism but instead are opportunist – profiteering at the disadvantage and desperation of others? At what point to we define the separation from one to the other? While Uber is trying to make money by offering a competitive service to taxies, which are licensed to show some level of trust, they are parasites at a time when need is at its highest, even critical when customers are under duress. Taxis though wouldn’t change their rates under momentary duress. (Just an example). How about monopolies or companies which spend effort to control or ruin competitors and develop demand artificially? The stock market does this continuously.

        1. However does the wider world know the difference?

          Good points. What is competition and what is exploitation. What are a stockholder’s legitimate rights? Where’s the line between stockholder rights and stock manipulation? How do we differentiate constructive vs destructive behavior?

          We’re talking about ethical behavior within a game structure. So, right off the bat it’s an artificial structure, an invented system. Then toss in the wide range of human behaviors and its a complex soup, seen from the outside. Digging into individual events, however, there is some worthwhile delineation to make that my usefully apply to the whole. That’s when we get into the realm of law and regulation versus various forms of anarchy, both positive and negative. Fun fun fun.

      2. capitalism – charge what the market will bare. What’s the problem? Certainly people buying an iPad pro know apple will make more pencils. Anyone silly enough to buy one for 500 dollars has 400 dollars to give away.

        What do you think 4.00 a gallon gas was about, limited amounts of oil? Come on. Companies whine that the President was keeping them form finding new sources, off shore drilling restrictions, and all that. What a lie. We seem to have more oil then we know what to do with. No you say. Why the falling price, more supply perhaps?

        You may think it’s evil, but make no mistake it is capitalism at its best.

        1. capitalism – charge what the market will bare. What’s the problem?

          No conscience. No collaboration. I rarely use the word ‘evil’ as it is profoundly vague. I like pointing directly at things and acts.

          Another vagary is the word ‘psychopathy’. But it’s more precise than ‘evil. The corroded rendition of capitalism, or plain old parasitism, is rife with psychopathy of various kinds. IOW it is at the core self-destructive. It abuses itself and everyone involved. To be greedy, which is something you’re advocating, is itself self-destructive. I very much believe in human spirit, as opposed to simply mind and body. What spirit is left in a person who ONLY thinks about ‘Charge what the market will bare.’ None. The humanity is gone. The lost and predatory animal with no soul and a desire to destroy itself is left.

          I call this behavior the human self-destructive imperative (HSDI) I call it ‘imperative’ because, as a species, it is where we demand to go, to a self-induced cataclysmic end. It makes no sense to me. That’s why I am what I call a ‘positive’ anarchist. Responsibility for one’s actions is the goal in living. Irresponsibility is the HSDI. Capitalism is not about irresponsibility. There are plenty of other names for those who are irresponsible.

    1. Willing buyers cut deals with willing sellers on Ebay. And you can’t handle that. Capitalism eh. Let me guess … you are a Millennial in a Safe Zone in some panty waist university majoring in Race Identification.

  1. I hope someone at Apple is documenting all these adventures and mis-adventures at the company. Someday, this will all make a fascinating book.

    Meanwhile, this is idiotic:
    My Apple Store got 20 Pencils yesterday. They let one guy buy all 20.

    Apple knows better! Obviously, the guy is scalper, as they’re called in the ticket biz. We’ve seen this a few hundred times in China already. DUH. 😛

  2. Ordered the iPad Pro,Smart Keyboard,and Pencil on Wed. Nov. 11. Got the Pro on Tuesday Nov. 17. Keyboard and Pencil
    estimated delivery on Dec. 7-14. Ordered the Logitech
    keyboard from Apple Store on the 18th {very early AM}
    with next day before noon delivery. Got it on the 18th
    at 11 AM !!! Canceled Smart Keyboard order on the 19th.
    The keyboard is superb, arguably better than Apple’s.
    Ordered another identical Pro (Gray,128 GB,wifi-cellular)
    on the 16th with delivery on Nov 27+. Hope the Pencil
    gets an earlier delivery date. The Pencil will be a
    monumental game changer. It was one of the major
    reasons for my Pro order.

  3. Oh, please. “Supply crunch” my ass.

    When I realized the source of this was Marco Arment, I rolled my eyes. Don’t get me wrong — Marco is a very knowledgeable guy. But let’s put this into perspective:

    1. Marco is a big-time geek. He wants everything NOW.
    2. Marco is a Twitter crybaby. Your homework assignment: Read through a stream of Marco’s past tweets. A common theme is that he complains about EVERYTHING.

    My point is this: There are tech pundits who are used to having everything handed to them on a silver tray. They get comp’d trips to tech conferences, get advance copies of apps and products, and expect to have have everything first. I wish I could be so lucky.

    Meanwhile, the rest of us live real lives. We wait and save up for things we aspire to own. I have learned that ANY new product, whether it’s from Apple, Tiffany, Tesla, Ferrari, or Nike, will likely have a wait before it becomes generally available. And guess what? It’s okay. Really. The world won’t stop spinning if you can’t get an Apple Pen tomorrow. I, for one would rather go outside and enjoy an 82 degree Southern California day in the sun, or go play in the freshly fallen snow with a dog in Chicago or Utah. Life is bigger than having your panties in a knot over something as trivial as a new product you don’t have RIGHT NOW.

    Meanwhile, in Paris, Beirut, Mali and elsewhere, families are mourning their lost loved ones. But to the Marco Arments of this world, that’s trivial in comparison to the fact that they DON’T HAVE THEIR DAMNED APPLE PEN RIGHT NOW!!!!

    Marco: Grow up. Please.

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