Is Apple preparing to take $8 billion from Google?

“It’s probably fair to say the relationship between Apple and Google/Alphabet remains in the soup, even though iOS devices account for an estimated 75 percent of the search giant’s mobile search revenue,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld.

“Now it seems Apple may hit Google with an $8 billion charge on its profits, with the analysts at CCS Insight predicting the company will replace Google search with Bing as the default search engine on Apple products, by the end of 2017,” Evans writes. “We’ve anticipated such a move for time, of course.”

“Apple has already made it easy to use a range of different search engines, including the excellent Duck Duck Go on its products,” Evans writes. “And there’s no way Apple can easily reconcile the billions of dollars Google makes from feeding ads to iOS devices.”

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  1. DDG here too.

    For those not living in the US, it’s important to set DDG to your country, which is done in it’s settings menu, otherwise when doing things like looking for stuff to buy, the results will predominately be US based. Telling DDG which country you’re in makes a hell of a lot of difference – I just wish that somebody had told me about doing that several years ago.

  2. Just my two cents…best strategic move would be to purchase DuckDuckGo and change the name and not release it until it is right. Should have safe and easy parental controls. It would give instant leverage and have all the search engines sweating bigtime. If they don’t buy them, then someone else will. Call it the new Spotlight…full blown search across the web(including iCloud) or just your iOS device.

  3. I use StartPage. As it’s webpage states “On StartPage the privacy of Ixquick is combined with the Web search results from Google.” It’s advanced page makes it easy to search by date or other criteria.

  4. Since Apple already allows users to choose a default search engine, the ‘fight’ is basically for those that don’t have a preference. For those that like Google Search, they will probably switch back and continue using it this time w/o Google having to pay Apple for making GS the default.. The question is how significant a number that is in the iOS community.

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