It’s official: The Apple Watch is destroying the so-called competition

“Apple’s smartwatch is still a relative newcomer to the wearable tech world, yet it’s already asserted itself as the leader,” Chris Neiger writes for The Motley Fool. “Since its launch back in April, Canalys estimates that Apple’s already sold 7 million devices.”

“That would put Apple Watch sales ahead of all of its competitors’ sales combined, over the past five quarter,” Neiger writes. “And it’s not just Canalys that puts Apple in the lead. Shipment estimates from Strategy Analytics have Apple dominating the worldwide smartwatch market as well.”

Neiger writes, “Samsung, Pebble, and a few others are being left in Apple’s wake.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Buh-bye, also-rans!

Few analysts or writers will outright say it, but I will: the Apple Watch is going to flop. The Apple Watch is Jonathan Ive’s Newton. — Mark Wilson, March 2, 2015

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    1. Mark Wilson is just another complete market analyst DOOFUS in the tradition of John Dvorak betting against Apple – “sound familiar?”

      Betting against Apple is always a fool’s bet but these delusional clowns from YKBAID University without an ounce of probable prescience or vision still come out swinging to repeatedly show us how dumb they are.

  1. Why do people put down Apple, saying the smart watch was a failure?

    Clearly, of the people who are interested in watches, of that group interested in smart watches, crossing over those who are not interested in watches, but certainly Apple’s smart watch, follow me with this, it’s 7 million.

    I think it’s clear, Apple sucked all the market, simply by putting the watch out for sale.

    Pebble, Samsung, LG, all these other want to be smart watch makers, couldn’t do it.

    The only company that can hurt/out perform Apple, is Apple.

    1. My point exactly. Why aren’t the other smartwatches being pointed out as failures, too. These people need to single out Apple either from their hate, stupidity or their need to get attention. OK, so Apple didn’t sell 30 million like some analyst said they would. That figure was totally unrealistic because they probably didn’t even know what unit number the production runs were set for. Why does selling the most of a product need to outweigh everything else. Should companies only sell products that have the ability to break sales records? I don’t think so. All Wall Street ever talks about is some product moving the revenue needle or it’s useless. That is so retarded. What company with any sort of vision would be totally focused on that aspect.

    2. Because FUD scares all the retail investors into selling their shares. This drives down the price of the stock. As a result, call sellers win and funds that are net short win.

  2. Returned mine within the 14 day return period. Better then the rest who gave it more credit then due. There all over craigslist here. Got my tag on. Doesn’t need to do nothing more then look gorgeous. So, I guess I’ll have to replace the battery every 3 years. Beats charging the damn thing everyday. iPhone 6 is enough for me. Atv4 non-4K, duh

  3. Oh come on. What competition. There was never any competition for Apple’s watch. No one else has nearly as effective an ecosystem or the potential to exploit that ecosystem that Apple does. It’s like the iPad and the so called Tablet market. What tablet market? There is only the iPad market.

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