Apple’s running 6 new TV ads for the new Apple TV

Apple this week debuted six new TV ads for their new Apple TV.

The ads are :
• ABC on Apple TV
• Crossy Road on Apple TV
• Netflix on Apple TV
• HBO NOW on Apple TV
• Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition: Star Wars on Apple TV
• Asphalt 8 on Apple TV

MacDailyNews Take: Good ads. These spots will intrigue the general public and are likely to help increase foot traffic in Apple Retail Stores as people look to learn more about this “Apple TV thingie.”

Apple TV will sell well this Christmas as we all await, and hopefully laying the foundation for, the long-anticipated Apple Internet TV service.


      1. – 720 x 1280 was an intermediate step — what cable companies called “high definition”
        – 1080 x 1920 is HD, used in most current TVs and Blu Rays. as of two years ago, it was the best resolution the average user could get in their living rooms.
        – Apple’s aging 27″ Cinema & Thunderbolt displays have a native resolution of 1440 x 2560.
        – 2160 x 3840 is UHD, commonly called “4k” because people just rounded up the horizontal resolution from 3840 to 4000.

        Some displays — notably Apple — have non-standard resolutions that are all over the map. The 5K iMac offers 2880 x 5120 pixels. Other Retina displays are just odd.

        More resolution capability is always better. If your eyes don’t need it, then feel free to crank it down on your own device. Just like buying a car. One can feel free to tell me that he only wants a 150 hp car, but don’t tell everyone else that that’s all they require to get from point A to point B. Most people pay more because they at least occasionally _need_ more.

        1. Very useful, thanks!

          Good analogy too. It seems strange that Apple is trying to be a luxury brand for watches, a mainstream brand for smartphones, and an underperforming also-ran for TV streaming.

          It just makes no sense why Apple doesn’t have a consistent vision for the different markets. Jobs was far better at insisting that all teams adhere to the vision of offering consistent user experience on all products. All hardware and software was, with rare exception, polished to give the user the best possible experience that Apple could offer with the technology available at the time. Now Apple just seems to want people to subscribe to Apple Music and iCloud and ITunes Match and who knows what new monthly fee next year. SUBSCRIPTION BASED COMPUTING SUCKS.

          I will buy an Apple TV only when it offers compatibility with my current home theatre (which requires a discrete audio output) and easy ways to play local content and ala carte pricing in line with the competition. Right now Apple TV offers none of those things and it costs more than a Roku 4.

          We’re not gamers, but clearly Apple isn’t matching the capabilities that Playstation offers either.

          Why would anyone buy an Apple TV???

        2. You actually have a few facts off on this. True, UHD is rounded up to 4K, but there are actually 2 UHD resolutions. Similar to how HD was, 720p was for tv and 1080p was meant for movies (although its more a guideline). In the UHD realm 3840 is meant for tv and 4096 is meant for movies. Both have the same height(2160). It’s a little weird, but its important to know there are two different least as a video editor it is.

  1. WT? Big miss. The genius of Apple TV is not being able to watch these shows! Everyone can do that now on their StupidTV. The genius is Siri being able to get to the shows in about two seconds and show exactly what app it is available on. Sorry, but this is a travesty.

  2. These are actually great commercials. The transition from the opening slide into the app is always different and interesting. it ties in with what the app is. I am a motion graphics guy, so i think these simply rock. especially the star wars one.

    1. Perhaps Apple should have spent more effort making Apple TV competitive instead of relying entirely on marketing to sell a product that is already thoroughly outclassed by several competitors.

  3. Good commercials. Overall I like Apple TV but the system they have for entering your password or typing to search apps sucks big time. I tried using Siri to search for apps but it didn’t work at all. They need to improve the password thing.

  4. As usual though 40% of these are U.S. Only. Can really make Siri the cornerstone when it only works in some countries, and were it works it only works half heartedly. If you can’t get deals to stream U.S. Networks in other countries may have substitute networks that are local. My biggest peace is I am close enough to the border to get the U.S. networks on antenna and I ken get the sows on iTunes but not the streaming stations Apple TV ;-( That said they look good, and I get to save some money.

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