“It’s absolutely true that a significant part of my dismissal of the iPad Pro as a writing tool was because I wasn’t impressed by the Logitech Create keyboard,” Ben Lovejoy writes for 9to5Mac. “But early reviews of the Apple keyboard didn’t lend much hope that I’d like it any better – indeed, they suggested I’d probably like it even less… But there are still two other factors.”

“First, a trackpad is still a much more pleasant experience than a touchscreen when it comes to editing… my MacBook Air is a much more efficient tool for that,” Lovejoy writes. “Second, a lot of my writing is done in Scrivener, an app I adore. I sometimes use it for first drafts of articles, and I wouldn’t even dream of writing a book without it. While an iOS version has been long-promised, the developer hit a number of road-blocks, and is now (sensibly) declining to provide an estimate of when it might be available. So, all in all, the iPad Pro wasn’t going to replace my MacBooks for writing.”

“The iPad Pro couldn’t replace any of my existing devices. The only remaining possibility would be to keep both iPads [along with my iPad Air 2], effectively viewing it as a fourth category of device – distinct from iPhone, standard iPad and MacBooks,” Lovejoy writes. “But great as it is for some tasks, it’s too much of a niche case for me: it just wouldn’t be earning its keep. I’d get better value from a thousand bucks by spending it on other things.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Another weight on our scale that’s already tipping toward the next gen. MacBook over the iPad Pro for our mobile computing needs.

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