Early iOS 10 and OS X 10.12 ‘Fuji’ internal testing ramps up

“A few months following the launches of both iOS 9 and OS X 10.11 El Capitan, Apple has shifted a large portion of its software engineering resources over to development of the upcoming iOS 10 and OS X 10.12,” Mark Gurman reports for 9to5Mac.

“As indicated by checks of our own Google Analytics data, testing of both 2016 Apple operating systems has picked up significantly in recent weeks, after a slow start between September and October,” Gurman reports. “Sources indicate that the internal codename of the new Mac operating system is ‘Fuji.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: We are also seeing increasing traffic from OS X 10.12 and iOS 10.0 in our analytics data.


    1. My gripe is Safari: either in 10.10 or 10.9, I can’t remember which, they started syncing bookmarks and history to iCloud. Cool idea, except that when Safari is launched, no history is available until the sync is complete, which can take a minute or more. This means autocomplete doesn’t work until syncing is complete (or rather that it only autocompletes to your bookmarks, not your history). This is really annoying, and it’s not fixed in 10.11. I don’t understand what the problem is. Mobile Safari syncs in the same way, and doesn’t have the issue. History is always available.


    1. Fuji makes total sense to me in the lineup of impressive landmarks, Mt. Fuji being the signature snow capped volcano mountain of Japan. I remember flying from Honolulu into Seoul and as we passed by Fuji, when the pilot announced the view out the starboard side, the plane practically tipped as everybody rushed to that side of the plane to view its magnificence from 35,000 feet.
      Even I went, “Oh MY!” Just that glimpse was the highlight of an 11-hour flight.

  1. Apple needs to stop updating their OS based on the calendar and focus instead on updating when feature sets demand it and the quality is baked in.

    I understand the business purpose of releasing iPhones every year. There IS no business purpose to releasing an OS upgrade every year.

    1. I agree. This new OS release every year is total Crap-ola. Apple needs to fix whats out now and quit worrying about OS X 10.12 Fuji. I’m still using OS 10.10.5 and it works for me and I’m staying with it. El Capitan is buggy as all hell. They also took out features in OS 10.11. Thats just plain stupid. I hate what they did to Disk Utility and the Display Color Settings. Wake up Apple and quit worrying about a new upgrades every dang year!

      1. >Apple needs to fix whats out now and quit worrying about OS X 10.12 Fuji.

        You think Apple can’t walk and chew gum at the same time? The team working on Fuji and the team fixing and enhancing El Capitan are two different teams. That’s the way Apple has always worked.

        You seriously think there aren’t going to be any more updates to 10.11?


  2. Running 10.11.1 with no problems here; seems very stable, and all features work great. The only issue I seem to be having is permissions on a couple websites causing delays… 4 to 8 seconds, and some times making me want to force quit Safari.

  3. El Capitan is more stable for me than Yosemite. Mail especially would stop responding and would require force quits.
    I have not found any software that does not work in the new OS.

  4. the terminal is safe, sane and powerful for anyone who needs to do something big to your computer
    use the force, luke, not even El Capitan is less than you…
    if you want a root level app to do things the 99% ers won’t even know, then make one and submit to apple, somebody will install it to avoid having a text doc with all the commands available for terminal that i always had and understood anyway from sun systems back

    But as the apple systems get more “bolted down” the need for even the terminal will be obsolete for 99.9% of us

  5. Tim Cook’s “legacy” at Apple will be that he killed the Mac. His comments about personal computers couldn’t be any clearer. The direction at Apple away from the Mac and Apple’s continued lack of attention to quality software development should serve as proof. For those who think otherwise, a word of advice: Wait and see. As a Mac user since the late 1980s, I never thought I’d ever buy a PC, but I need a computer system that works – not one which keeps dummying down programs, replaces applications that worked, and killing third party software.

      1. I’ve bought a 2015 MBP and Late 2015 iMac both fully loaded and are two of the best computers I’ve ever used. But OS X not as stable as it once was.

        I wouldn’t mind 2 years of “stability and quality” releases instead of the treadmill yearly feature upgrades.

        Time Cook is right though, more and more work will be done on ultra portables, heck, I replace my 2010 Mac Pro with the iMac because I can do all the work on it instead of the Mac Pro.

        Tech is getting more powerful and smaller, in the future we’ll end up at one Apple device that does the lot…

  6. “Why have 31 flavors if you can’t get vanilla right?”

    I still have wifi hangs on both my iPhone and iPad….are we two iOS in on that?

    Tim Cook, I beg you, you have left the landscape riddled with different buggy versions of your OS. Drop a couple of billion dollars on stabilizing you ecosystem. Let Rosetta Stone run on your current OS again (backwards compatibility is a hallmark of great design).

    Just do it already. It will do nothing but increase loyalty and respect to the brand. The two most valuable things for a company’s reputation.

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