Apple earns ‘wows’ for mega Silicon Valley land grab

“Apple is known for inspiring ‘gee whiz’ reactions to its cutting-edge gizmos such as smartphones, tablets and watches, but now the tech titan is drawing a new round of ‘wow’ responses to its stunning shopping spree for office space, buildings and land in Silicon Valley,” George Avalos reports for The Mercury News.

“‘This is really incredible. It is aggressive. It’s a land grab,’ said Chad Leiker, a vice president with Kidder Mathews, a commercial real estate brokerage. ‘This is a major investment in Silicon Valley. It’s pretty amazing,'” Avalos reports. “Cupertino-based Apple now has about 25,000 employees in the Santa Clara Valley, but a series of long-term leases and building and land acquisitions over the past four years, including its new under-construction “spaceship” campus for as many as 13,000 workers, would allow the company to nearly double that workforce in the coming years.”

“‘Apple is being very forward looking with this activity,’ said Tim Bajarin, principal analyst with Campbell-based Creative Strategies, which tracks the tech industry,” Avalos reports. “The technology giant may be banking land and buildings for future use. ‘Apple always has its strategic plans on a five- to seven-year loop,’ Bajarin said.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The “Wows” start now.™

Something big this way comes.

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  1. Manufacturing an automobile takes a lot of space. Not just to assemble the car, but for all the subcontractors that have to feed a JIT inventory system to keep the line rolling.

  2. Too forward looking. If the computer era is over …
    Now into the overpriced gadget phase…

    No car, just trying to become the software that runs in them and runs them.

  3. Also they can see the economy turning around. Better to grab the land now why it’s still cheep (for Silicon Valley).

    The car has me very curious. If true then it could be a sign that the smartphone market is getting saturated and they are looking for a completely different market. It could be another Apple HDTV BS story that people swore was coming next year, for years. It could be that they are going to dramatically improve CarPlay. I hope electric cars take off. I don’t believe they will until someone makes a truck that can take on the F-150. That is when people will take the seriously. I don’t think Apple will do that.

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