New York Times: All-new Apple TV invigorates the set-top box

“I never imagined I would get hooked on reading comic books on a TV screen. That changed last week after I picked up a new Apple TV,” Brian X. Chen writes for The New York Times. “The new device, which is similar to a set-top box and brings video and music from the Internet to a television, now has an app store. So I downloaded Madefire, one of the first apps available for the new device. Madefire adds a twist to digital comics with sound effects, music and motion, bringing the panels to life on the big screen. Within minutes, I was bingeing on a series about Superman turning into a corrupt dictator.”

“Playing with apps is just one new feature of the revamped Apple TV, which will ship this week,” Chen writes. “It’s that plethora of innovations and apps that leads me to conclude that the upgraded $149 box is now the best TV streaming device you can get for your money.”

“You can trust me because after testing hundreds of new devices for nearly a decade in this line of work, I’m usually blasé about products,” Chen writes. “My editor was concerned that body snatchers had taken me when I said I was positive about Apple TV. But I reserve excitement for products that I think will make a difference, this being one of them.”

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      1. Their business is doomed? LMAO! 300 billion cash on hand. Earnings highest ever. People want great products. And I’m not saying Fire TV isn’t. But your implying people want cheap boot everyone does. Amazon loses money on products to sell the ecosystem.  makes money on hardware (a ton!) to sell the ecosystem. And their business model is doomed. I have now heard it all

  1. Why do the NY Times and other media outlets only get the new products prior to launch. What about the Apple Stores with a convenient pre order desk close by? Knock knock. Anybody home Angela? Nope! Probably out shopping with her $68,000,000.00 for doing absolutely fuck all to improve the store.

    1. @mfdcap10. Apple wants reviews of its products to hit the air waves between product announcement time and customer delivery. This is why they put review units into users hands, but requires them to keep quiet until a specific date. These reviews whet buyers’ appetites. I hope you are not too inconvenienced by having to wait until TOMORROW to see/buy Apple TV at their retail stores.

      1. Customers have far more intelligence than you give them credit for. I understand your old school marketing strategy. It’s not necessarily the right one. Far fewer people hold journalists on a high pedestal as experts. The stores are packed and word of mouth is powerful. Preorders are powerful. Far more people would rather make their own informed decisions.

        1. @mfdcap10. The FREE publicity that Apple generates from product reviews, even in the main stream media outlets such as the WSJ, New York Times, LA Times, USA Today, Good Morning America, etc. is worth tons of $$$. It keeps the Apple name and buzz in front of consumers’ minds sets and “forces” retailers like Walmart, Target, Amazon, and Best Buy to carry the brand. (And I hope childish Amazon is forced to acquiesce and carry Apple TV after all, just to satisfy customer convenience and demand.) What other consumer brand gets the “fame and fortune” from all this publicity, besides perhaps (to a lesser degree) Google, Facebook, and Tesla. Apple is ranked as the most famous brand in the world at the moment.

          1. Agreed. Free publicity (especially free positive publicity) is extremely valuable. These people write about Apple products because it makes their articles sell. It’s not an either/or world out there though. You can still take advantage of free publicity AND have pre launched product in the he stores to demo, see, feel, and play with. Not only that, the customer is now at the trough. All they have to do now is part with their money at the preorder desk. The media outlets will still be clamouring for a good story. I don’t even know why you’re debating me. You must not like to demo upcoming product yourself.

  2. Apple Watch will also be a big hit this year for Christmas and for the Chinese New Year gift giving. NOTICE how Apple Watch packaging is almost overdone and purposely set up for “gift presentation”. Their retail stores even have a special, particular shopping bag made and marked SOLELY for Apple Watch, in two sizes whether it be for the sport model or the stainless steel!!!

    1. If all the processor can handle is 1.4, then why give it more? We still aren’t sure it can do more than 3860 at 30fps if it can do that. Complain about not having 4K in the model… then you can complain about the hdmi port.

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