Analysts setting up to crush Apple stock price?

“I’m really not one for conspiracy theories, but I’m recognizing a pattern I’ve seen all too often with Apple analysts,” Ernie Varitimos writes for AppleInvestor. “They are setting up to crush Apple stock price. It became apparent yesterday when Apple stock dropped 3% on a poor showing from one of Apple’s chip suppliers, Dialog Semiconductor. Quite frankly, if you know anything about Apple’s supply chain management principles, then you would know they never rely on a single supplier of anything. And besides, the miss reported was manufactured in some analysts minds… it’s all a smoke screen.”

“The fact is that Apple analysts are doing everything they can to control Apple price to fit their model of the industry, which is by the way, completely warped. Apple analysts still don’t understand the tech giant, and are pissed off that Apple doesn’t give them favor as to future plans,” Varitimos writes. “Now there are reports starting to filter out that Apple forward guidance might miss, and some analysts are cutting back their targets.

“I think they are setting up a complete smoke screen, by painting a picture that Apple is weak, when in fact Apple will likely report extremely strong, due to the fact that most of the iPhone 6S revenue will be reported in this quarter. However, that surge will make relative forward guidance look weak,” Varitimos writes. “So… My prediction is the revenues will be strong, forward guidance will miss, analysts will pig pile onto Apple and bash it into the ground, and price will drop sharply. And everyone will be wondering…WTF just happened?”

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MacDailyNews Take: Stranger things have happened and what Varitimos described happened just last quarter, so, as always, anything is possible on Wall Street.

The game is constantly in motion. Play it well or just sit back and enjoy it from the relative safety of the sidelines!

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  1. How can most of 6S revenue be booked in this quarter when there were fewer sales days this year than last year this quarter? Seems to me like most 6S sales and revenue will be recognized in the December quarter. In fact at the time pre orders were announced some “analysts” claimed Apple set it up that way so they wouldn’t struggle with December quarter comps.

  2. This is free capitalism. Can’t win on fair grounds? Lie, cheat and manipulate. We need to worship these people because they are so smart and unscrupulous – real Negus types. I’ll rub their lobes for a little something, a good tip – come on I need some action too.

  3. Until people learn to ignore theses abs lists that lost them all their money b my seeing the financial meltdown, they will lose whatever they gave invested in good stock by selling on their baseless falacies.

    FUD is all they’ll give you, count on it.

  4. Until people learn to ignore these analists that lost them all their money before, by missing the financial meltdown, they will lose whatever they gave invested in good stock by selling on their baseless falacies.
    FUD is all they’ll give you, count on it.
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  5. What does Wall Street get out of crushing Apple every quarter? As I’ve said before, I just don’t understand. Apple is making plenty of money so why keep saying Apple isn’t. How is trying to ruin the credibility of a top American company going to do anyone any good?

    1. They want Tim Cook to go away. (I worked in market research for a number of years here in sunny NYC; there is a method to their madness) They liked Steve Jobs, mostly because of the elements of his story with Apple and the fact that he was a demanding relentless SOB.
      Here’s a scenario they would love: Apple buys Tesla and Space X, makes Elon the top dog. Now they’re making cars, computers, phones and spaceships… and a wily/loony visionary at the helm, who has a good eye for hi-falutin’ design. This would be Apple’s third act in the great play.

  6. I for one have never been able to understand the WS bias towards Apple. it seems that since Tim Cook assumed the commander status, Apple stock has been beat to death by investor guru’s. Has Apple never made a humongous premium on its stock? Well maybe back in the 1990’s, but certainly not since the introduction of the original iPhone. There is something wrong with an investor guru that continually poo poo’ing Apple. I wonder if it is due to some animosity against a profit, especially a profit that is 20 to 30% above speculation. If Caterpillar continually made a profit of $20 to 30 billion each year, we would be driving Caterpillar Skid Steers to work.

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