Why you probably don’t need a 64GB Apple TV (preorders now live)

“If the rumors and reports are correct, Apple will begin taking pre-orders within the next few days for its forthcoming Apple TV set-top box,” Matthew Keys reports for VentureBeat.

MacDailyNews Note: You can order your new Apple TV from the Apple Store right now.

“The new Apple TV comes in two storage flavors: 32GB at $149 and 64GB at $199. The biggest difference between the two will likely be how many apps you can store on the device before you reach your limit and which kinds of apps you intend to use,” Keys reports. “New technology found within Apple’s television operating system will automatically pick certain apps apart, downloading only the parts of an app a user needs most at any given time and keeping other parts of the app in the cloud. The bits of the app that are immediately downloaded are known as on demand resources, and the idea is that it downloads app content faster while saving space on the device.

“Even though Apple’s not forcing developers to use on demand resources (it’s turned on by default), it is requiring developers limit their apps to 200 MB in size. And while Apple TV does allow apps to download as much as 2 GB of data in order to unbundle and run an app, there’s no “persistent storage” on the device — meaning Apple TV tosses any unused, cached data back into the cloud when a user closes an app in order to free up space on the device,” Keys reports. “All of that means the base-model 32 GB Apple TV should be more than enough for most people.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Regardless, the price difference is so slight that we’re staying in the bigger is better, 64GB-just-to-be-safe camp, thanks.

Our 64GB Apple TV units are ordered with delivery slated for November 2 – 4. Did you get your order in yet?

32GB or 64GB? How to pick the perfect Apple TV for you – October 23, 2015


    1. Ditto— 64 the way to go….
      Bigger is better…..and if not needed then so be it. Running out of space is a pain in the ass; of course that has NeVeR HaPPeneD to mE….ummmkay…

    2. I ordered the 32GB model after hearing about the way Apple intends on managing the storage. i kind of look at it like a fusion drive. Plenty of people complained about the flash storage on the fusion drive changing from 128GB to 24GB in some models, but for the most part people will not even know the difference.

      I currently use my Apple TV for 2 things. Netflix and video mirroring. I don’t play games. Sure I might try one or two games on the thing just to check it out, but I’m sure that will be the extent of it.

      I subscribe to MUSIC so I don’t need to store the music locally. I also have a Mac to do that if needed.

      I doubt DVR capabilities will be added. It pretty much goes against the model Apple has been working towards.

      Likely the only people that will need the 64GB model will be a household that has multiple people using the device and they all use different Apps. People with crappy internet service, or people who do not have a computer to store content locally.

      This is the first product that I have pre-ordered without truly knowing what my needs will be. Time will tell.
      I wasn’t being cheap when I ordered the 32GB model, but my guess is that I will not need 64GB. If I do I’ll buy one and use the 32GB model on a second TV.

      1. I think it’s what we don’t know that’s leading us, like MDN, to be on the safe side. If some future change allows actually storing more video ON the device (like they used to do), we’re ready. If they introduce something else…new…we’re ready. Why would Apple even give us the choices unless there were a reason? I think something will show up in the future…even if just some super apps that do end up sucking up that bitty 32 GB space…
        Ordered my 64 early…

    3. No thanks, Apple.

      I find the current Apple TV to be a let down, and after seeing the announcement for the new one, I was not impressed. It doesn’t offer the improvements that I want. Thankfully, other companies are innovating faster. Our next home theatre purchase will be with Apple. For less money ($130) the Roku 4 offers all the features and better performance.

      Roku is future-ready with 4K, it offers a native Amazon app that Apple doesn’t, gives users a discrete audio output, allows users to plug in USB sticks for playback, AND it offers an SD card slot for future memory expansion.

      Some people may think the Apple interface is worth a premium, but after seeing OS X get flattened and Siri being consistently more annoying than helpful, we’re happy to go elsewhere. The iTunes store is not the most cost-effective place for media, either. I am just not that brand loyal to a company that no longer takes care of its customers with the best quality, performance and value. Sorry, Apple, but you totally missed the boat. Stop overcharging for fashion and try to get back into technology leadership that is actually delightful and intuitive.


      1. Took the words right out of my mouth. But as a movie buff, I’m not sure I will soon go all-streaming. I like BluRay quality and performance too. Most likely will end up with a Roku 4 and a next generation 4K BluRay player.

    1. These people are always posting stupid stories. It’s like telling someone they don’t need an extravagant wedding or a more expensive car. We’re talking about some cheap $200 device that will likely last for years. If $50 is going to break the bank then you probably shouldn’t buy one at all. Better to find out you’ve got plenty of memory to spare than to find out you don’t have enough.

      1. The decision factor is not about breaking the bank. It’s all the little bits of pocket change we tend to flit away, over time, that tend to add up to a new car or a bigger house.

        As the saying goes, a penny saved is a penny earned.

        By choosing to go with 32GB over 64GB, you could say, you earned $50, plus tax.

  1. Those of us who have been buying Apple products for awhile have long understood not to buy the base models. Their lifespan is shortened by limits that are unforeseen at the purchase date.

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