Analyst: Apple TV could be a huge hit; expect great apps on your TV

“If there’s one company that could redefine the user experience in the living room, what company would that be?” Christina Medici Scolaro reports for CNBC. “Angelo Zino, senior industry analyst at S&P Capital IQ and SNL, said if any company can do it, it’s Apple.”

“CEO Tim Cook on Monday told an audience at an event hosted by The Wall Street Journal, that Apple will become the ‘foundation” of TV,’ Scolaro reports. “Said Zino: ‘Overall the new hardware and operating system, on both ends, it appears that they’re doing a great job with initial efforts. This is just the start of better things to come.'”

Scolaro reports, “‘Siri capabilities overall will help the user experience, and on the operating side, Apple has the best app developers in the world. So expect great apps in the living room,’ Zino said.”

The all-new Apple TV with Siri remote and Apple TV App Store
The all-new Apple TV with Siri remote and Apple TV App Store

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      1. OT: I had the 128GB iPhone last year. This year I got the 64GB… I never went over 64, since I started my anti-hordeing mission.

        ATV: I am such a casual gamer, I wonder if a larger drive even makes sense. I don’t think we will be able to cache shows anyway, which would be the reason to have larger capacity for me. One thing is for sure, I will be happy to get rid of the Wii.

  1. Been a cable cutter on the 2nd Gen for years now. Dying to upgrade!! Will probably get the 64G as I’m hoping it will replace the kid’s long in the tooth Wii as well.

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