OS X El Capitan fear mongering

“The other day I read an article from someone who was basically warning us off OS X El Capitan,” Gene Steinberg writes for The Tech Night Owl. “While he hadn’t actually installed the new OS, he cited threads on Apple’s discussions forums describing a litany of problems that included incompatible apps and the inability to access external drives.”

“I did check the Apple discussions and found lots of problems, precisely as the blogger stated. But not all of them had large numbers of participants reporting similar problems,” Steinberg writes. “Unless a problem is fairly consistent, it may be the result of a system oddity with a few installations. It takes more than that to take it seriously, but the article makes no attempt to weigh the importance of those complaints.”

“My personal experience with El Capitan at this early stage is mostly solid. Mail has a tendency to briefly stall, but will resume normal operation in less than 30 seconds. Maybe it’s about background processing of large message folders, but I’m shooting from the hip,” Steinberg writes. “El Capitan strikes me as a pretty solid release.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Very few issue with OS X El Capitan here (some with Safari 9.0 involving some sites constantly pestering for login credentials than did not happen with previous Safari versions, but that’s about it overall), how about you?


  1. Another version of a continual non iOS friendly piece of crap. If there’s a backwards way to do something, the OS X people will go miles out of their way to do it like that. If I had a decent way to update my webpage with iOS, this OS X pizza box would hit the pavement.

    1. But you don’t and you won’t – ever, unless your webpage updates are simple and non-custom stuff. It’s posts like this that I don’t take seriously. You’re going to replace your entire computer with a phone or a tablet? LOL!

  2. I’ve seen two minor issues with El Capitan. First, Mail will unexpectedly crash, often while idle. It comes back with no fuss, but it does seem to randomly crash. It’s not frequent enough to warrant troubleshooting (usually about once per 10 hour work day).

    The second has to do with Citrix and my company’s access portal. I would chalk it up to “their problem, not mine”, but the site worked flawlessly up until Safari 9.0. Now I get a server error right after authentication. This doesn’t happen with Chrome or Firefox, so I think it’s a Safari thing.

    The only incompatibility I’ve seen is with TotalFinder and that’s because Apple hardened Finder a bit with some of their newer security features.

    1. I’ve seen the same type of odd Mail crashing with recent versions of Yosemite. Hoping that stuff settles down when ElCap.1 is released, which is when I’m planning on upgrading.

  3. 1. File Open dialogs no longer display a title, even when the developer says openPanel.title = “\(appNm): Select \(docRole)”.
    Setting openPanel.message is an (ugly) workaround, though.
    2. Safari unexpectedly refreshes itself more often. Very annoying when typing in a long textField.

  4. 10.11? Hate it! Big steps backward in cosmetic issues, on occasion it makes the dock just disappear, Safari bookmark changes annoying. I’m sticking with 10.6.8

  5. Running El Capitan no issues. Remember to backup First! Then run disk utility and make sure your drive is good. Update everything on your existing OS. Then go ahead with the upgrade. Should have a smooth experience if everything is good.

  6. For my part, Mail quits unexpectedly from time to time. I also sometimes find Safari slower. But, the worse is Spotlight, I dont like the way it behaves, slow, unresponsive, dont find files I know they are on my HD.

    I like very much the new Notes!

      1. Sadly, I’m really looking forward to El Capitan for its improved Notes. This app has been almost unusable as it doesn’t sync to iCloud anymore and chokes on certain content.

  7. Spotlight is a problem for me too. When you type in as few as 2 characters, it goes searching off into the wild blue yonder and finds every possible file starting with those two characters.
    The first time I have ever wanted an app to slow down. And yes, I am a fast typist, so its not that Spotlight thinks I am done with my request.

    1. Are you prevented from typing the third and fourth letters to continue to refine the results or does it make you wait? The latter happens to me on iOS, especially searching Contacts.

  8. Apparently, El Capitan also doesn’t play nice with the current crop of Adobe Creative Cloud apps, including Illustrator (which my office relies on) and Premiere Pro (which it doesn’t). Lots of finger-pointing on Adobe boards blaming Apple and Adobe for not having apps ready to go upon El Capitan’s launch.

    Personally, I’m waiting for the dot-one release before even thinking of upgrading my non-work machines, and waiting for the next Adobe updates before I touch my work machines…

    1. Good call on the Adobe apps update. Seems the big names (M$, Adobe, etc.) are slacking (as usual). I occasionally use Illustrator so might have to check that before upgrading at .1. I like your strategy.

  9. Installed it, found out that Capture One didn’t work, reverted back to Yosemite. Apple has a history of changing things and then other programs don’t work.

    As far as I’m concerned Yosemite works much better then El Cap since all my programs work on Yosemite.

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