Apple Pay should benefit immensely from Starbucks partnership, international expansion

“Apple is continuing to extend the reach of its Apple Pay service. According to a report from The Wall Street Journal citing Apple’s tech conference, some Starbucks stores will start accepting Apple Pay service by the end of this year, with the complete rollout of Apple Pay at 7,500 Starbucks stores happening by the end of next year,” Puneet Sikka writes for Market Realist. “This is great news for Apple, which is making efforts to popularize its mobile payment service.”

“Apple has announced that more than 1 million US retail locations, including those of major retailers, have already started accepting Apple Pay,” Sikka writes. “Apple also seems to be getting aggressive about expanding its Apple Pay service in international markets.”

“A few months ago, Apple was reportedly in negotiations with top Canadian banks to implement the Apple Pay service in Canada,” Sikka writes. “More recently, according to Reuters, Apple was said to be in talks with Alibaba and Chinese banks about implementing the Apple Pay service in China.”

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MacDailyNews Take: This is a long process, but, anecdotally, we do see Apple Pay being used in stores more often as of late (along with Apple Watches appearing in public). Both are good news for Apple.

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  1. For whatever reason, Apple Pay never activates on my iPhone 6S. Nothing happens. Ever. I tried at 5 stores now with the same results.

    Can my phone really be broken in this one area?

    1. I have yet to try it to light up by itself. Over the past two weeks, I had paid about a dozen times (Whole Foods, Trader Joe, Walgreens, Duane Reade, Rite Aid…), and every time I did, I would prep it by double-pressing home button from home screen. I would unlock and then wait for the clerk to finalise the sale and ready the terminal for payment. As soon as the reader lights up, my phone beeps and the transaction is complete.

      Next time, I will try waiting for the terminal and just tapping my phone without doing anything, to see if it will respond.

      You may also try what I had been doing (preparing it by double-pressing the home button on lock screen).

      1. Correction: to avoid confusion — the way I did it so far is: double-press home button from the LOCK screen (not from the home screen; that would call up active app switcher). Double-press on lock screen calls up the ApplePay and readies your default credit card. You can then unlock with your Touch ID, and the phone will ask you to place the phone near the NFC reader to pay.

        You can test this any time; you don’t need to be near the terminal and ready to pay to invoke ApplePay using double-press.

          1. Did you complete verification?
            My experience with Pay is to only place my programmed right thumb on the iPhone 6 Plus when I am ready Pay. Every time the iPhone 6 Plus screen lights up with a picture of my default card, and I have the option of swiping to a different card before getting close to the reader. Then move close to the reader – not touching the reader – and the transaction is completed except for a few button presses on the screen at Trader Joes: Credit + OK Amount? I didn’t even know about the double punch home to prepare mode. Seems like a lot of unnecessary punching and unlocking. The above all happens in the lock screen. You never need to unlock the iPhone.

            Of course all of the above was before April 28 when I got my Space Grey-Black WATCH SPORT. Never used the iPhone to Pay since. One of my favorite features of the WATCH is Pay.💵

            I even got our local Mexican Restaurant chain to realize they had Pay compatible NFC readers. They had no clue. I even put up the door signage with an Pay signage kit I got free from Apple. God knows the owner was never gonna do it.😱⌚️😜

  2. Apple pay has a steep adoption curve under current conditions. My brother, who isn’t a technophobe, and knows enough about technology, sees no reason to adopt; to him, it seems a bit obscure and he simply doesn’t find it worth his bother.

    What MDN advocates is likely the most effective solution to increase adoption rates: motivate / incentivise users to do it. I’m not sure how much is Discover Card publicising their incentive, but when they joined ApplePay in September, they announced it to their customer base with an unprecedented 10% Casback offer for the rest of the year. Discover card always gives cashback; mostly 1 – 2%, but there are always some purchase categories where cashback is 5% (these change every three months). They never did 10% until now, so if you are planning big-ticket purchases in the next three months (and the retailer accepts Discover, as well as ApplePay), 10% off (on top of any possible other promotion) is a major incentive to join.

    If Apple can afford three months of free Apple Music to millions of people, they should be able to afford a modest discount for ApplePay. I wouldn’t hold my breath for that, though; Apple is notorious for NEVER ever giving discount on their goods or services. Education discount is about the most you can hope to get for their products.

  3. Charbucks® can go to Hell. Since I believe in traditional marriage between a man and a woman, they don’t want my business.

    That’s fine with me. I’ll just support independent coffee shops that serve normal tasting coffee instead of the burnt swill they serve.

    1. I think you got that the other way round. Starbucks certainly doesn’t mind getting your business; it seems to me it is YOU who doesn’t want to give THEM your business, because of their apparent support for marriage equality.

  4. I was pleasantly surprised while in the Buffalo NY area on October 2nd – and forced to shop at a Rite Aid – the clerk at Rite Aid told me they started accepting Apple Pay on October 1st. And it did work there. Have not tried back home here in SE Michigan yet, but it did work in Buffalo NY Rite Aid.

    I think the CurrentC consortium agreements that stopped members from accepting competing payment methods expired 9/30/15.

    1. Went into the local Rite Aid in Monroe MI yesterday – not only did they accept Apple Pay … they now have a sticker on the front door saying they accept Apple Pay and Google Pay.

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