Rumor: Waterproof iPhone 7 to be launched alongside Apple Watch 2

“The iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus are still shiny and new with Apple fans experimenting with the device and its new iOS 9.0.2 OS. Apple is not relaxing though, as there are more releases to come,” Charlotte Banks reports for GeekSnack.

“The company is already in the process of making the iPhone 7 and rumors about the handset’s properties have already given way to wild expectations. The latest iPhone 7 rumor is rather interesting though, as it mentions yet another anticipated product, the Apple Watch 2. Indeed, word is that the iPhone 7 release date coincides with the Apple Watch 2 release date,” Banks reports. “While we would take this with a grain of salt, it does sound like a plausible schedule that would shine the spotlight on a multitude of products at the same time. Such a launch should also open up the opportunity of bundle purchasing – an iPhone 7 with an Apple Watch 2, for a discount.”

Banks reports, “The iPhone 7 release will be interesting even if it turns out to be the sole headliner of the show. That’s because the latest rumor and analyst chat says that the iPhone 7 design will be completely waterproof… An IP68 certification is the minimum that people expect, but most likely, the iPhone 7 will have a higher score.”

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  1. These may just be rumors but they do seem like the next logical step…

    Apple has always saved the features that make people upgrade for every two iterations and being waterproof would DEFINITELY be a selling point!

    1. I remember reading a patent application approval for water proofing electronic devices. It basically epoxy sealed all of the boards and innards of the device. I can’t remember if the patent was issued to Apple or someone else though.

      I also vaguely remember during the initial Apple WATCH unveil, there being mention of the board being epoxied.

      If you couple epoxied boards and innards with rumors of Apple wanting to eSIMs instead of removable SIMs, I think you’re getting close to something with superior water resistance, if not water proof.

      1. An iPhone could possibly be waterproof IF there are NO air spaces and the sealant is not porous. With everything being encased there could be a problem with heat dissipation. Also repairs would be impossible. Anything goes wrong, the only fix is replacement. 🖖😀⌚️

        1. What about the battery? Isn’t an electrolyte part of an electronic circuit, yet one that exists as an aqueous solution? I think the “problem” of waterproofing arises from viewing water as an adverse environment for conventional electronics, even though conventional electronics can contain components composed of many states of matter—solid, gaseous, plasma, liquid, and beyond.

      1. Basic scientific knowledge and technology , and hence economics, are subject to change. Science fiction from 1890-1945 is full of “impossible” things that are commonplace in our lives today.

  2. WATCH 2 Yes! If it’s a Dick Tracy watch I’m in…….
    Otherwise forget it, I’ll wait. Note:
    You CAN send “video texting” now. Someone can send a video, and you can talk back. Looks like a two way conversation, but it’s not.

  3. 1) Apple doesn’t needs to “bundle”.

    2) A staggered release cycle would benefit Apple more. iPhone in September/Fall, Apple Watch in the Spring.

    Thus, Apple is able to add value to it’s user’s “ecosystem of devices”, not just the device getting the update. And, this means Apple gains significant mind share one more time per year.

    1. Would it benefit Apple more? With its new “iPhone Update Program”, Apple is moving toward a “product as a service” leasing model. Not only would you not own the software, you would never own the hardware either. A customer constantly pays but never has anything to resell or to pass along to another individual (which prevents an additional sale of product). Additionally, since the Watch is “attached” to an iPhone, it is logical new Watch would require new iPhone functionality. Keeping them in step, and keeping them bundled, and eventually only leasable, actually is very logical.

  4. My Apple Watch has been water resistant for all my purposes – showering, swimming pool. I don’t need dive capability.

    Videos show iPhone 6S is similarly water resistant (perhaps even more). I’ve not tested my own that way, yet;-)

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