Apple is having its worst year since the financial crisis

“Apple has done better than the broader market this year, rising 1.5 percent while the S&P 500 has fallen more than 2 percent,” Stephanie Yang reports for CNBC.

“However, the stock is still on track to log its worst performance in six years,” Yang reports. “In 2008, Apple shares fell more than 50 percent. Since then, the stock has consistently risen 5 percent or more.”

“Max Wolff, chief economist at Manhattan Venture Partners, said the stock’s lackluster performance this year is likely due to concern about the completion of the Apple car, sales of the new Apple Watch and more risk-averse investors,” Yang reports. “However, Wolff said Apple’s third-quarter earnings report, which is scheduled for Oct. 27, could bring some of that excitement back.”

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MacDailyNews Note: As usual, on October 27th, we expect earnings results after market close, right around 1:30pm PDT / 4:30pm EDT.

We’ll bring you the results as soon as they are available and follow that up with live notes from Apple’s conference call. On the 27th, check our home page around 4:30pm EDT for the results and around 4:45pm EDT for the link to our live coverage.

Apple to release Q415 earnings, webcast live conference call on October 27th – October 8, 2015


      1. People are afraid of the car — that it’s jumping the shark, a move net pit, and won’t actually pan out. Now I personally think Apple will blow the doors off a category ripe for disruption, setting them up for automaton robots in another ten years But business people are freaked out by the specter of a massive massive overreach.

  1. As a professional user I must say that “EL CRAPITAN” is so dumb down that I really start to worry about future of OSX. No RAID in Disk Tools is a nail in coffin. Everything in OSX starts to be rainbow colored flat boring toy. YYUUCKKK!

    1. My biggest problem is that WINE and X11 don’t work in El Capitan. Other than that, I haven’t had any issues.

      But yeah, Disk Utility is overly simplistic and lacking in functionality. I think Apple was trying to make a version of Disk Utility for novices to get them into working with hard drives, much like when it created AppleScript in an attempt to make a programming language that anyone could use.

      I think what Apple was trying to do could have been better accomplished with two programs: One aimed at their new target audience (novices) and another aimed at more experienced users. The novice version could still be called “Disk Utility” while the one for experienced users could be called “Disk Utility Pro”. Otherwise, the one for experienced users could keep the name “Disk Utility” and the novice one could be called “Disk Utility JR”.

    2. Apple’s implementation of RAID has been – shall we say – wanting. I believe the removal is an acknowledgement of that reality. Better that you use third party services for RAID.

      1. Very little progress? I guess you are incapable of reading a newspaper. He rescued us from the Bush Depression, restored the economy, created more jobs than any other president, eliminated the $16.5 trillion Bush deficit! Ended the Bush Wars . . .

        1. I agree with jfblandoenn (what ever),
          I see no progress to anti-gravity, teleportation, faster than light drive!! I mean really, just what does Apple think its doing?

          OK, I will give you that the iPhone and Apple watch are getting very close to having a functioning TriCorder, but….. other than that, what is Apple doing for us???

          PS, There is a rumor that the new spaceship headquarters is….. actually a spaceship with a fusion drive, but no one actually believes that crazy conspiracy theory stuff these days….

          Right?? /s big time in case you missed it. 🙂

      2. You’re right — where are the FEMA camps? where are the death panels? It’s seven years, and we still have our guns!! And whatever happened with the invasion of Texas, the implementation of marshal law, the takeover of Sharia law and the declaration of Obama as dictator.

        Yep, when you look at it this way, Obama HAS been a complete failure.

    1. Oh, how I’ve missed you so, botvinnik.
      That razor-sharp wit. That one-track mind. Your simplistic views of U.S. politics. GOD BLESS YOU, botvinnik!
      God, you turn me on, you sexy, sexy man.
      (Don’t forget to bring the lube home with you tonight. I’ll be waiting…) ❤️

    1. So why is the US currency considered “strong” right now? Maybe I’m not smart enough about currency, economy and all that, but when we Canadians are faced with price increases, sometimes to an out-of-reach point, simply because the conversation rate is so great, it’s a real downer. What was originally a digestible $45 month fee for just ONE of my US service providers now translates into $60. Multiple that by 10 service providers and the costs are insurmountable.

      As much as I try to use Canadian-based services as much as possible, it’s unavailable to either use US-based services or those from other countries that bill in US dollars. Either way, the exchange rate is a real killer for us.

  2. These so-called financial geniuses crap all over AAPL and Tim Cook is probably smiling. CNBC gets away with murder and Apple is usually the victim. Investors are showing concern over the Apple Car? C’mon, this is absolutely nuts. Is Google’s car ready for prime time? No! Apple investors always seem to be disappointed in Apple and I don’t get it. Apple’s fundamentals are rock solid compared to any other company around and yet the value continues to drop. Go figure.

  3. The thing about aapl (for me) is that I don’t think it can drop too much more so it’s reasonably ‘safe’ if the economy nosedives like 2007.

    The P.E is so low already, they have so much cash and they bring in so much cash every quarter.
    if I had Amazon, or Netflix or even Google at about three times apple’s P.E I would be more worried if the economy tanks.

    if aapl had Goog (alphabet) P.E the stock would be over 200 now.

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