Apple’s Mac increases market share as Windows PC sales continue swoon

“According to preliminary data by research firms IDC and Gartner, Apple’s Mac line of personal computers continues to buck the overall decline in PC sales, increasing market share in the process,” Mark Hibben writes for Seeking Alpha. “The purported slowdown in China that was supposed to be so devastating to Apple was nowhere to be seen.”

“My key thesis concerning the free upgrade offered by Microsoft to Windows 10 was that this would tend to suppress sales of new PCs by Windows OEMs,” Hibben writes. “There continues to be the expectation (promoted by Intel, mainly) that new hardware would stimulate sales in Q4. Perhaps, but I doubt it. According to Microsoft, about 110 million have upgraded to Windows 10, leaving a huge remaining pool of users (over a billion) that haven’t upgraded but could. I expect Windows 10 adoption to be rapid, and OEM sales to continue to decline.”

“Except for Apple,” Hibben writes. “Apple has had a policy of free Mac OS X upgrades for some time, and as the only vendor of Mac hardware, doesn’t have to worry about the effect of the upgrade policy. Chances are that sales will be basically flat compared to calendar 2014 Q3 sales of 5.52 million units. This is not awe-inspiring performance, except in the context of the continuing implosion in PC sales, which the Win10 upgrade has effectively accelerated. According to IDC, the y/y decline in PC unit sales was 10.8%, according to Gartner, it was 7.7%. PC sales in the U.S. were basically flat y/y, the research firms agree, while Mac sales grew in the U.S., although the firms don’t agree by how much. IDC says U.S. Mac sales grew by 1.6%, Gartner says they grew by 7.3%.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Indomitable.

Gartner: Apple Mac keeps gaining share as Windows PC sales continue decline – October 8, 2015
Apple Macs and iOS devices now outselling Windows PCs annually – July 23, 2015


    1. I work in IT and I don’t consider myself a “doofus”. I’m the guy who keeps the network and servers running. I’m the one who fixes email problems, and I’m also the one who restores those files some dumbass deleted off the server. If you think that’s a doofus, so be it.

      1. IT people prefer Microsoft products over Apple, as one IT guy told me, “Because they break! If everybody used Apple products I’d be out of a job!”
        Besides, IT people don’t want to learn two operating systems. “Hey, man! Two is TWICE AS BIG as One!”

        1. Well that guy was a doofus. I’ve acutally met several IT guys like that. I have been cross platform since the beginning of my IT career. I have always been primarily a Mac guy, but I recognized a long time ago that to give my customers the best support, I had to be cross platform. I will always try to push an Apple solution, but there are times when that’s not possible or appropriate.

          1. That’s right, and as a consultant I’ve needed to use the clients’ resources which more often than not involved Windows environments. It’s actually increased my empathy for the users logged into those systems, for when they fail users get distraught and feel helpless because they can’t get timely help from their IT department. I offer spot psychological counseling to those users who complain to me, an outsider, and I always include such observational data in my reports to management, but I have learnt the hard lesson: never recommend Apple to a Microsoft house.

  1. Strange how these recent articles about PC sales slumping and Mac sales keeping up or increasing mention sales numbers for Macs but only give percentages for PCs.. Anyone know what the current sales numbers for PCs are so we can see like-to-like?

  2. So, if PC sales had improved during the quarter of Windows 10 release, Windows 10 would be hailed as the catalyst. However, since PC sales are significantly down during the quarter (compared to last year), Windows 10 is “suppressing” PC sales due to the free upgrade policy. But, “I expect Windows 10 adoption to be rapid,” according to the (“this data can be interpreted any way you want if you pay me”) author.

    Yes, PC sales fall. Therefore, Windows 10 adoption will be rapid… 🙂

    1. Planned rollout over the next few weeks to keep the “Win10 upgrade experience” on a “positive” note. It takes a while for the NSA flags to take affect, I guess.

  3. PC sales have historically always fallen in advance of a major OS release. It is actually a result people and corporations ‘deferring a purchase’. People don’t tend to invest in technology at the end of a product cycle. Microsoft’s biggest customer will remain the Enterprise sector who has lengthy procurement cycles and are locked in to windows based solutions.

    I don’t expect that OSX will break the 10% market share in the near future, if ever. The entire Mac install base is still below 8%, which was overtaken in the first 10 weeks of Windows 10.

    I am not being a fanboy for either side but after 30 years of existence Apple has not really dominated the desktop market. In addition they have all but abandoned the pro desktop/laptop market. The Mac Pro hasn’t been updated since 2013 and the Mac Book Pro hasn’t been revised since 2012.

    The iPad Pro has a limited use case. It was designed to compete against the Surface Pro 3, which is 18 months old. The release of the Surface Pro 4 has already rendered the iPad Pro specs obsolete.

    I don’t want to be a downer but I also wouldn’t read too much into the Gartner report. The real news is that Mac has grown by .5%in the past 12 months, against stagnant PC growth.

    I think it I best summed up by the saying “follow the trendlines not the headlines.”

    1. I don’t expect that OSX will break the 10% market share in the near future, if ever.

      OS X sales are already at 13% of the US market according to Gartner’s data. Comparing the Surface Pro 4 to the iPad Pro is making me giggle with amusement. Calling the decline in Windows box market share ‘stagnant PC growth’ makes me want to spew my coffee.

      The real news is that Mac has grown by .5%in the past 12 months

      A full on guffaw just escaped my mouth. Can you read? Worldwide, the number Garner posted is 1.5%. In the USA it’s 7.3%.

      Every Mac fanatic wishes the Mac Pro was further designed for speed. Meanwhile, you’re wrong about the MacBook (not ‘Mac Book’) Pro. It’s last major revision was in 2013, not 2012. What’s been holding back A LOT of hardware upgrades has been INTEL. They broke Moore’s Law and are significantly behind their own schedule.

      Lots of silliness in what you’ve stated. Please try harder. There’s plenty to criticize, but one must do so ACCURATELY.

    2. Oh and I forgot to point out that this past quarter was the one when pent up demand for Windows 10 boxes would have been unleashed, alongside Windows 10.

      That DID NOT happen, at least according to Gartner. Silliness upon silliness.

  4. “swoon’ ?!?! Really MDC???? You are the one who post, abridge – truncate these article titles. I know – you’ve published me. Swoon means: faint from extreme emotion or an occurrence of fainting. How about saying ‘diminish’ or ‘dwindle’ or ‘fall off’? Quit trying to be so melodramatic with words that you have no idea what you are saying.

    1. Windows makers continue to suffer from the vapours, and must repair to restorative facilities. A long draught may restore these former stalwarts to energy and enable them to reclaim their former glory, yet oddsmakers are favouring Rumpelstiltskin over Rapunzel ten to one.

    2. Plenty of other words that are more apt : decline, slide, collapse, fall, crash, plummet, … but NO, MSD has to have the image of a fainting maiden.

      The term for it is:
      WARDOUR STREET. ‘The name of a street in London mainly occupied by dealers in antique and imitation antique furniture’-OED. It is now occupied mainly by the film industry, but the old flavour hangs about the name. As Wardour Street itself offered to those who lived in modern houses the opportunity of picking up an antique or two that might be conspicuous for good or ill among their surroundings, so this article offers to those who write modern English a selection of oddments calculated to establish (in the eyes of some readers) their claim to be persons of taste and writers of beautiful English.

  5. Of course, the idiots over at Fortune/AOL home page spin it this way:

    ” Tech Fortune-
    Famous Apple item smacked with bad news

    There is trouble brewing in California after researchers revealed that a classic Apple product had its slowest growth in sales last month since 2013.

    Beloved item the US isn’t buying now”

    1. Endless harbingers of doom. An infinite series of canaries in coal mines. Every downtick a step toward the grave, a sign of sloth or of sleeping at the wheel. Every production flaw branded as a coverup, a replay of the Watergate hearings, albeit in a kangaroo court populated by mental midgets.

      I begin to sense a pattern in these stories

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