AT&T gets FCC waiver, set to add Wi-Fi calling to Apple iPhones

After publicly calling out the FCC last week, AT&T received a regulatory waiver on Tuesday that will allow it to begin rolling out Wi-Fi Calling services on Apple’s iPhone,” Kevin Tofel reports for ZDNet. “”

“The carrier had planned to offer calls over Wi-Fi last month in conjunction with iOS 9 but those plans were held up,” Tofel reports. “The FCC requires that call services provide support for the hard of hearing under TTY rules so AT&T requested a waiver for tose rules back in June. A 45-day comment cycle came and went with no negative comments, yet the FCC didn’t grant the waiver until now.”

Tofel reports, “AT&T last week said that it didn’t understand why or how rivals Sprint and T-Mobile could offer Wi-Fi calling since they don’t have such waivers.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Government efficiency.

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    1. You can already make FaceTime voice only calls. If your iPad has a sim from AT&T, it’s data only. I believe you need an actual phone number to call an actual phone (land line, old-school cell).

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