Wired reviews Apple’s iPhone 6s: ‘The most intuitive software and hardware of any phone’

“Apple is winning because it’s made the phone that the most people can use just seconds after its protective plastic comes off,” Joe Brown writes for Wired. “The iPhone, now in its 6sth (= 9th) iteration, has the most intuitive software and hardware of any phone around. It has an army of accessories waiting to enhance it. Rental-car stereos play nice with it, and hotels have chargers behind their desks in case you forgot yours. It is the best bet for almost anyone.”

“The Camera. For most of us, this is the most important feature of every new iPhone — and phone, period. Each year since launching the iPhone 4, Apple has thoroughly owned all comers. Sure, the occasional Nokia offered optical image stabilization, but the iPhone has always rendered the most natural color, offered great low-light performance, and captured finer detail than its seemingly underpowered camera should deliver. The 6s is no exception. It has a great rear-facing camera: 12 megapixels (up from eight on the iPhone 6), with a protective sapphire crystal lens and super-fast image capturing,” Brown writes. “Siri still sucks. Saying the magic words ‘Hey Siri’ worked 29 out of 100 times for me while driving on the highway. (It was a boring drive.) When saying the phrase in public, I felt like a jackass 100 percent of the time.”

“By placing a grid of sensors behind the screen, Apple’s engineers allowed the new iPhones to sense pressure, enabling a z-axis of gestural input. Put another way, you can right-click now,” Brown writes. “That’s pretty cool! It’s currently limited to native apps and a few third-party selects, so it’s hard to judge how this will play out. You can’t hate on the effort put into this feature, but nothing that currently uses it really improves the user experience dramatically. Someday it might be a level of interaction you can’t live without. Today, I mostly use it to see if I took a live photo by mistake.”

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MacDailyNews Take: 3D Touch went right over Joe’s head. Whoosh!

3D Touch is not right-click and the only people who claim such nonsense really haven’t tried it very much or at all.

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  1. I wouldn’t say “right-click” encapsulates 3-D Touch, but there’s a parallel. How would you best describe the feature?

    I believe I’m counter to many here, but I agree with the writer that “Siri sucks.” It’s helpful for basic operations, but hardly a capable asst for me. Her progress is slow…she’s a remedial learner.

  2. These fools. Right-click could be closer attributed to long tap. This is analog control.

    I propose taking away every analog controller for XBox and Playstations until gamers go, “Oh, so *that’s* what they mean by 3D touch.”

    Won’t take gamers long to understand the difference.

  3. While I agree that Siri is rather frustrating at times, I must say that I’m likely to blame for some of the trouble. Trying to get her to hear/answer me when I have the music in my car approaching ear-bleed levels is not Siri’s fault. Failure to annunciate…. talking as if I’m Rocky Balboa after a few too many…. leads to many of my “Siri problems” as well.

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