Apple officially launches Hermēs Watch collection; prices start at $1100

“Apple Watch Hermès is Apple’s first foray into direct fashion partnerships for the Apple Watch,” Rene Ritchie reports for iMore. “It brings together the stainless steel and sapphire crystal Apple hardware with the luxury leather of Hermès into a combined collection of four unique pairings and a look that’s both old world and cutting edge.”

“Apple says they partnered with Hermès because of parallel thinking, singular vision, and mutual regard,” Ritchie reports. “For people who are are interest[ed] in Apple Watch, and appreciate brands like Hermès, it’s simply going to be the Apple Watch they want to get, same as someone into performance activity will gravitate towards and Apple Watch Sport.”

“Apple Watch Hermès is at the highest end of the Apple Watch (steel) range, at least for now,” Ritchie reports. “Single Tour: $1100; Double Tour: $1250; Cuff: $1500… If you want an Apple Watch Hermès at launch you’ll have to be in one of the launch cities or get a friend in one of those cities to pick it up on your behalf.”

Apple Watch Hermès with Double Tour leather band
Apple Watch Hermès with Double Tour leather band

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MacDailyNews Take: The Apple Watch Hermès collection is absolutely stunning.

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  1. It’s more absurd to condemn folks for their personal choices in style, especially when these choices aren’t made under duress and aren’t hurting anyone. I herd some bemoan the fact that some people own more than 2 pairs of shoes…., SO Just MYOB.

  2. Is it just me or is this about the stupidest thing ever. I mean crap, the damn thing will either rub the side of the watch, rub your arm where it is at an angle or if you have it too loose, it will overlap the friggin face. What kind of idiot buys this???

    1. It’s just you.

      Mr. Ive revered the Double Tour band, but production didn’t come easily. In tests, the second loop of the strap slipped under the back of the watch, preventing contact with the wrist that is necessary for it to function.

      In Paris, Mr. Dumas’s design team added padding under the middle of the second loop to make it thicker, preventing it from sliding—a technique it adapted from the handles of Hermès bags.

      “Our job is to not remind you that life is difficult and complicated,” Mr. Ive explained. “It’s to provide a solution that appears inevitable and obvious.”

      Apple’s First Foray Into Luxury With Hermès Watch Breaks Tradition

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