Apple acquires advanced artificial intelligence startup Perceptio

“Apple Inc. acquired Perceptio, a startup developing technology to let companies run advanced artificial intelligence systems on smartphones without needing to share as much user data,” Jack Clark and Adam Satariano report for Bloomberg.

“The company’s leaders, Nicolas Pinto and Zak Stone, are both established AI researchers who specialize in developing image-recognition systems using deep learning,” Clark and Satariano report. “Deep learning is an approach to artificial intelligence that lets computers learn to identify and classify sensory input.”

“Apple confirmed the acquisition,” Clark and Satariano report. “Terms of the deal weren’t disclosed.”

More info in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The effort to supercharge Siri’s capabilities continues apace.

Apple buys artificial intelligence natural language start-up VocalIQ – October 2, 2015

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz,” “Dan K.,” and “Judge Bork” for the heads up.]


  1. AI development has the least checks and balances of all modern technology. This is not simply life changing, but possibly extinction causing.

    If we do create real AI, we have to create it with the utmost respect, and not just one, but many, where each have no alliance to the other.

    AI must not see biology as a threat, but an asset, and vise versa.

    But no, we will seek to enslave it and prove to be unworthy of it’s cooperation.

    We are not ready, – we need an AI Prime Directive.

    1. I seemed to remember Asimov’s three laws so I looked them up. According to the three laws (later to be modified with a fourth … read the article) were:

      First Law: A robot must not harm a human or, through inaction, allow a human to come to harm.

      Second Law: A robot must obey instructions given to it by human beings, except where doing so would violate the first law.

      Third Law: A robot must protect its own well-being, except where doing so would violate either the first or second law.

      It was great fun reading Asimov in the 1960’s. Now I must ask “Are we there yet?”

      1. It’s highly suggestive that all of Asimov’s robot stories involved violations, or workarounds, of the three laws. Each story was a sort of puzzle, something that the U.S. Supreme Court might have struggled with in ordinary case law, or one that Lewis Carroll might have portrayed as an apparent logical paradox in his Alice stories.

        Asimov understood that if his 3 laws really had worked flawlessly, there would be no suspense and no stories. So he dreamed up ingenious exceptions to the rules.

        We are not there yet, because we have not had a Susan Calvin to generate these creatures in a mindful fashion. Instead we have renegade shotgun drones and school shootings. It’s all become a peculiarly American signature, hasn’t it?

      2. Asimovs Robot Laws compared to the moral of lawyers bankers and doctors?

        In Germany i.e. these laws do not apply anymore for humans.
        When you need help, you are already fucked. These are facts. Try it and you will see how worse it has gotten meanwhile, in Germany as well for everybody who is not rich (meaning having a lot more money than necessary to make an average living)

        Do you really expect robots to be more accurate just because the same people promise that to you?

        They do not care about us unless we buy their shit.
        Becoming rich is the new religion and being rich comes with a condition, its is called complete loss of empathy.

        Check the facts before you reply here. Your reply might have social impact as well. Get involved and you will see the facts and get what you deserve:


        If you have problems with their shit, you are left alone.

        I do not bring down everyone with this comment, it is a friendly warning before you get lost within this mess.

    1. nice one 🙂
      comprehensive school was left out, so where could we really get from here? Once in a lifetime she needs to discover why she cannot be one of us, never. That is alright, she can still be with us and listen (….whatever she does with all this input, only Apple knows)

      [.:.I get a strange feeling about God. (editors note).:.]

      Unless Siri learns what pain means, we are lost with her.
      (I was just quoting Johnny Cash, its not personal, Siri 😉

  2. Apple is giving Siri ability to see since she can hear now. Siri will need a way to look around while hidden away in a pocket or purse so I guess we will see Apple doing something with a wearable camera or a camera for CarPlay or HomeKit.

  3. Most people believe that humanity is yet to create an AI. My guess is we are already there or almost there. AI will be brought into existence by every single soul surfing the net.
    equate Internet to human neural network coupled with all those intelligent software like siri, google search bots , hackers dumping viruses, connected Super computers, Facebook…..etc….Me think the net is already alive.

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