Tips on using iPhone 6s/Plus new Live Photos feature

“If you’re getting one of the new iPhones, you’ll be able to turn still images into video,” Anick Jesdanun reports for The Associated Press. “The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, which start shipping Friday in the United States and other markets, automatically take three-second videos to accompany your regular shots, including selfies.”

“Imagine snapping a shot of your kid blowing out birthday candles – and getting video showing the flame going out as everyone sings ‘Happy Birthday.’ Yes, sound is included,” Jesdanun reports. “You can also enhance shots of your pets and landscapes, such as a waterfall.”

“This feature takes practice, so… Wait a few seconds before snapping your shot so that the video won’t show you moving the phone into position. Likewise, resist dropping your camera right after taking the shot,” Jesdanun reports. “The phone will detect that movement with an upcoming software update, so it can stop the video automatically. For now, wait for a yellow ‘LIVE’ box on the screen to disappear before moving.”

“Ask your subjects to hold their pose longer. If they start moving or talking, the video will show that. The video will show your flash firing if you use it, so natural lighting is better,” Jesdanun reports. “The still shot is the key part of Live Photos, and video merely enhances that. Pay attention to perfecting that still shot in terms of focus, lighting and composition. You don’t need to wait for the video recording to finish before snapping another shot. Just keep snapping, as you’d normally do, and the phone will create overlapping three-second videos automatically.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We love Live Photos – it’s Harry Potter-esque!


    1. “Imagine snapping a shot of your kid blowing out birthday candles – and getting video showing the flame going out as everyone sings ‘Happy Birthday.’ Yes, sound is included,”

      Just imagine. A series of still images presented in rapid succession so as to create the illusion of movement. With sound. FINALLY!!

  1. Aaron Sorkin to Tim Cook “If you’ve got a factory full of children in China assembling phones for 17 cents an hour, you’ve got a lot of nerve calling someone else opportunistic.”

    Think about that next time you use your iPhone…

    1. I think the next time I use my iPhone I’ll remember a dumbass troll named Gary, who I highly doubt is donating monthly to Save The Children. That Samsung phone of yours was probably made by the same workers who make iPhones, so get off your high horse, knucklehead.

    2. Right. Or your Samsung, LG, HTC phone; or your Ralph Lauren shirt; or your Hanes underwear; or, for that matter, virtually every single item you buy at Walmart, Target, Costco… All of. It made in China, most in conditions much worse than the iPhone.

    3. maybe you’ll like :

      1) to show me stats that Apple pays 17 cents an hour in China?
      It’s closer to $2.00 an hour which is heck a lot higher than other developing countries (like Cuba right next to USA at 11 cents an hour average i.e a foxconn worker makes in two days what a Cuban worker makes in a month.)

      2) “Children” show me stats of numbers of children at Foxconn? Mike Daisey etc who made such claims have already admitted lying. Of the hundreds of thousands employed at Foxconn a handful have been found using fake i.Ds

      (salaries are RELATIVELY so high at Foxconn they are willing to pay for fake IDs. Apple have removed these kids and given them scholarships to do high school offering them jobs when they graduate). Other suppliers who have violated apple’s terms more seriously have had their contracts terminated.

      3) Name me one android phone built where they are paying the workers a lot more than Apple. Even Samsung builds in China.

      Chances are whatever you typed your post one : phone, PC, tablet was made in the same factories BUT under WORSE conditions.

      China Labour watch:
      “Only six weeks after the latest revelation of child labor in Samsung’s supply chain, China Labor Watch (CLW) has again uncovered child workers and student workers employed under exploitative conditions at a Samsung and Lenovo supplier factory called HEG Electronics in Huizhou, Guangdong Province… CLW discovered that in addition to the use of child workers, over 100 student workers from Hubei were laboring at HEG without overtime wages or a night shift subsidy.”

      the guardian
      “Samsung says that an external audit found labour violations at dozens of its suppliers in China, including failure to provide safety gear and excessive working hours, but that none involved child workers.”

      DOZENS of Samsung suppliers employ kids !!

      Some Samsung subsidiaries have been found to have 50% underaged workers unlike the less than 1% at Apple lines in Foxconn.

      Apple publishes it’s internal and third party AUDITS of it’s plants online every month: show me Android phone makers doing me the same (Please post link).

      1. forgot to add, this is how Samung’s Audit which claims no child labour came about:

        from a previous case:
        “Samsung hired Intertek, an international auditing firmn….. CLW’s investigation showed that some of Intertek’s auditors have “accepted bribery from factories in exchange for letting the firm pass audits despite not meeting requirements”.

        other Samsung child labour articles:

        ” children often worked an 11-hour night shift, during which they assembled 700 smartphone parts an hour. It said they faced systematic discrimination, earning only Rmb7.5 ($1.20) an hour for weekend overtime work, less than half the pay for adult workers.”

        and “CLW’s research indicated that student laborers amount to 80% of the total workforce in the (samsung) factory. During their follow up investigations, their investigators suspected that there were a large number of child laborers in other departments of the factory, estimating that there may be 50 to 100 children working there.”

        “Bloomberg first warned back in August that an undercover investigator found cases of worker abuse at Samsung factories. Moreover, HEG, one of Samsung’s biggest suppliers, allegedly was hiring Chinese children under the age of 16, forcing them to work unreasonable hours,”

    4. If you’re going to be a troll, at least be knowledgeable about the subject. But, why be a troll in the first place? Or are you just being paid by a competitor? If so, very sad job.

    5. Aaron Sorkin is: a lying, spiteful, angry, frustrated, jealous spoilt brat. Then he should boycott Apple phones and use an Android. Fact (not lies or ridiculously wild exaggeration): iPhone assemblers are among the most cared for fortunate workers in China.

  2. Live Photos will no be useful when I take pics of roof defects …

    Perhaps when I photo the mechanics installing but not sure ….

    For myself seems not a big feature but 12 mg camera and 4K video has merits!

    1. I have tens of thousands of photos but a lot less video. When I go back and look at old videos it is surprising how much more impactful they are. I have told myself to take more video but it doesn’t happen in the moment. I think this feature is going to result many moments being captured in a much more meaningful way

  3. The video will show your flash firing if you use it

    That was my first question during the demo. I suspect we’re going to see A LOT of flashes going off when families show off their Live Photos family albums at the holidays. *groan* But so it goes.

    1. For that matter, iPhone takes much better photos in natural light and when that needs adjustment: just hold you finger down on a spot on the screen to lock in auto focus, which will in turn show a slider that you can drag up ot down to open or close the aperture and let in more natural light if desired….

      1. It’s a fixed aperture lens. The camera will adjust exposure time (a.k.a. shutter speed) and ISO to achieve the proper exposure. What you are describing is adjusting the exposure bias to achieve the desired exposure.

  4. I was over this feature after about five photos. I don’t get the attraction. It just takes the worst part of the photo – immediately before and after – and adds it. All my photos are great, but this is just extra junk and not even good junk. If it would just take three seconds of video and then let us select the best photo frame that would be one thing, but I guess that would just be a good GIF creator. I’ll be turning it off on mine.

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