First impressions of Apple’s flagship iPhone 6s Plus

“I’ve enjoyed my iPhone 6 Plus since first realizing #MykeWasRight and trading in my small, junky iPhone 6 for a nicely-sized, amazing iPhone 6 Plus back in the spring,” Stephen Hackett writes for 512 Pixels.

“Like many of you, I pre-ordered a phone a couple of weeks ago, and today it came: a 64GB Space Gray iPhone 6S Plus,” Hackett writes. “Here are some initial impressions…”

1. It’s a tad heavier. That’s not a complaint, mind you. The 6S Plus feels really nice to hold; the touch of extra weight helps it feel more solid, somehow.
2. It’s a tad grippier.
3. 3D Touch is awesome.
4. Taptic Motor > Old Vibrate Motor.
5. It’s fast.

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MacDailyNews Take: The world’s best smartphone* just made a quantum leap!

*Despite an inexplicable product naming scheme seemingly designed to bore while suggesting only modest iteration.

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  1. I received my 128 6S Plus yesterday, my 8th iPhone in in 8 years and gave 6 Plus to my wife .
    Setting this up has been a nightmare and I suspect that the phone is defective.
    Ironically wiping the 6 plus clean and setting it up for my wife was a breeze
    I should have stuck with my 6 plus- the 6S Plus that I received is a piece of junk

    1. What was your experience with your previous seven iPhones? Pretty good, I would suspect, or you would not have stayed with the iPhone through eight versions, as you claim.

      You cannot expect perfection, even from Apple. If you truly suspect that your new 6S+ is defective, then take it to an Apple Store and get it checked out. Apple support, while also not perfect, is generally well regarded and Apple is known to stand behind it products, sometimes beyond their warranty dates. Apple support will help you to figure out the problem.

      Don’t be so quick to turn on a company that generally operates in good faith and believes in the privacy of its customers. Everyone deserves a second chance now and then.

    2. While it is possible your phone might be defective – after all, Apple has shipped literally millions of these units, and despite their famously stringent quality controls, a malfunctioning unit might have slipped through – you don’t provide any details on what problems you have run into with setting up your new iPhone6SPlus. Are you restoring a backup of your 6Plus from iTunes? iTunes is notorious for having many sync/restore issues. Are you using a new USB cable or using an existing one? Are you syncing over WiFi? Is your WiFi experiencing any issues? There are potentially too many variables involved which must be ruled out before you can say your new iPhone is defective. If you’re just setting up the new device as a new iPhone and you’re running into problems, then visit an Apple Store. They have special diagnostic tools to verify whether the iPhone is working properly. Might save you many hours of heartache.

      1. For those who replied, I ran the online diagnostics and Apple suggested the phone be replaced. The specific symptoms during setup were that during setup process while entering the ID info a secondary ID request” stepped” on the first one and would not accept a password validated on 3 other computers . This resulted in a very poorly synched device that would not synch music or many apps .
        In 30 years this is the first time I have encountered a hardware issue with a new pice of Apple equipment .

        1. Hmmm.. 7 previous iPhones that worked perfectly, and 30 years of Apple equipment without a single hardware issue. Sounds like you’ve had an awesome run for any company. But the fact that you went to slam the company that you supposedly love within 24 hours of experiencing your first hardware failure speaks more about you than it does the problem with your iPhone. Either that or there’s something fishy about this story. Hard to tell on the Internet these days.

          1. It is not the first hardware failure that I have had with an Apple product . Like most people I have had my fair share of hard drive failures , power supply failures but this is the first time that I have had a product failure out of the box and somehow I doubt many people have had that with Apple products( as opposed to other OEM’s). The nature of the problem suggests to me a significant software issue and even the editors of this blog have suggested on many occasions that Apple is having quality control issues with software updated too early

            1. Your initial post was about the 6S plus being a piece of junk. You must realize, in hindsight, that your post exuded a distinct trolling taint. Your subsequent posts were helpful in clarifying the situation and resolution. Once you reported your problem to the company, Apple appeared to handle it well, just as we expected.

              So the “piece of junk” story turns into a potentially defective product for which the company, itself, recommends replacement. How could Apple reasonably handle this any better? Don’t come on this forum spewing frustration and expect the rest of this to join you in trashing the company. Unless a material number of iPhone 6S/6S+ units turn out to be defective, this is not news. It is just an inconvenience.

    3. I feel your pain, Max. You spent a grand on a defective product and any of these Kool-Aide drinkers would be equally pissed regardless of their mocking. It’s what deluded bullies do, mockery, because they’re soulless dipshits.

      Stay cool, Apple will replace it and all you’ll have lost is a few missed days of calls. Next time, set up the new before wiping the old one.

      Good luck!

      1. Suck it, smitty! Tossing out disparaging Kool Aid comments also carries a distinct trolling taint. You know the baggage that goes with that accusation and, yet, you use it so casually.

        Read the previous posts and you will find that the situation was resolved just as everyone on this forum expected. The snarky comments were in response to Blue’s initial post that contained the unsupported “piece of junk” comment. Yes, after being the underdog for a couple of decades and getting reamed by the press, Mac users can be a bit over sensitive – a fact commonly exploited by trolls.

        Thanks go to Blue for continuing the conversation on this forum and providing details on the issues and the resolution despite the snarky responses. That is what this forum is about – sharing experiences and thoughts with other OS X and iOS users and helping each other to find solutions. Most of the time Apple comes through, although not always as quickly as we would prefer. Sometimes Apple needs a kick in the pants to make things right, and we are more than willing to administer that persuasion, as well.

        Kool Aid drinkers, my ass! You should retract that and apologize, smitty.

      1. Taking that as true — it’s still like saying, “My previous 150 mph motorbike is junk compared to the new 160 mph model.”

        No, it’s not – for motorbike or iPhone. Both are still mind-bogglingly excellent.

    1. Apple fanboys refer to it as the Apple ][, not the //. They also know it had a floppy disk drive, not a cassette. Also they are careful to capitalise Apple, and properly spell the names of their designers. They also tend to have better language and punctuation skills than you have shown in your toss-off insult. And in criticising their supposed cultural allies, they tend to lay off accusing them of sexual perversions. All in all, I see no evidence, despite the resistration mark, that you are not just a troll.

  2. Love my new SG 128GB 6S Plus. But I wish I’d left my 6 Plus on 8.4.1 because I have a problem with newer versions of iTunes that will mess with my playlists. And now I have no way to tether either device to my Mac Pro. Plus iOS 9 on the 6 Plus is a little more buggy than 8.4.1 was.😔

  3. I went from an old 3GS to the 6S+ (128GB), and mine hung on the 9.01 upgrade with a “swipe to upgrade” on the bottom of the screen that was unresponsive. After trying 4 or5 times to get around it I used iTunes to reset it completely and it finally upgraded fine. Sometimes sh*t just happens.

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