Apple is overly obsessed with thinness

“Apple has filed a patent for a new, slimmer headphone jack,” Kirk McElhearn writes for Kirkville.

“It is very similar to the current 3.5 mm jack that we currently use to plug headphones into portable devices, with one exception: one side is shaved off,” McElhearn writes. “On the surface, the reason for this is obvious. It saves a bit of space, allowing Apple to make thinner iOS devices that still accept a standard headphone jack.”

McElhearn writes, “Once again, Apple is overly obsessed with thinness. I, and many iPhone users, would prefer more battery life over slimmer devices.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We’ll take both: Unmatched thinness and unmatched battery life. Apple exists to push the envelope, not to complacently perpetuate the status quo.


    1. You mean the ugly black thing you can put around your phone negating the design of the phone itself as well as adding an amazing amount of bulk and that also doesn’t even support the lighting connector so you have to use a micro USB plug while you’re phone is in it? If you mean that thing then yeah no thanks. Adding a battery case adds and insane amount of bulk compared to adding a larger battery inside the phone itself of equal capacity, and you don’t have to shroud your nicely designed phone in this ugly black box.

  1. This doesn’t seem like an Apple/Jony Ive thing to do , but they could also have a headphone length opening on the outside of the phone to allow part of the jack to actually be slightly external to the phone itself so regular 3.5mm jacks would work.

    I know, it’s stupid, and I’d rather that the width of a standard 3.5mm jack be a limiting factor.

    1. Well it’s been 8 years (almost a decade) since the modern smartphone and phones getting progressively thinner year over year with still no thinner, power dense batteries. So… how about Apple operate in the real world with what’s available now until a breakthrough in battery is here.

  2. I can understand the quest for thinness when you’re talking about a tiny iPod that clips onto your clothing, but when you’ve got a 5.5″ screen on an iPhone, I simply don’t understand why it’s advantageous for it to be super thin.

  3. Again… a patent doesn’t mean that this slim jack will ever be deployed. This guy is like so many others (including me a times) that don’t fully understand the design issues. A larger battery comes with more than a bit more weight and thickness. It affects the temperature control and radio antenna effectiveness as well, as more knowledgeable people have pointed out. Beyond that, have you seen the reviews for the 6S? The 6S is about 2 grams heavier, and in many reviews it’s left at that, almost as a downside. The reality is that in a pocket or in your hand “Lighter” is generally better than heavier, and unless you are one of the relatively few that regularly run out of juice in a day’s use, the iPhone’s battery is not a limitation. Tomorrow, my 6S arrives and I will be in a better position to judge the current battery situation. Maybe I’ll eat my words.

  4. Well said MDN.

    People who want Apple to fail usually try to moan them into doing the crappy thing. As this case well illustrates.

    You would only complain about Apple pushing the thin boundary if you actually wanted them to fail. Moan all you like dummies. Battery life is not an issue and thinness will be perseued till it’s thin enough to be virtually undetectable.

    Go Apple!!!

    1. Uh, the crappy thing is doing what they did last time? Logic fail. It’s not crappy to keep using a 3.5″ jack, and it wasn’t crappy to use one in the first place. I’m not a fan of thin for thinness sake, so I don’t understand the obsession either. If anything, Apple should focus more on usability and less upon fashion.

  5. Who uses an iPhone without a protective case ?
    Thickness get only go so far, the ultimate thinness would be razor thin leaving us with bloody hands 🙂
    The iPhones I loved best were the 4GS and 4. They had the right feeling in hand. Too light and the feeling is not as good.
    Love my iPhone6, looks real sexy without the protective case, have to be careful not to have it slide out of my hand, so it always has the protective case. So the thinness means little for me in the end.

    1. “Who uses an iPhone without a protective case ?”

      I do. I’ve NEVER used a protective case, and I’ve had almost every model since the 3GS. Never needed to do so. And, I’ve never had to get one replaced due to damage.

  6. Agreed that in the trade-off of utility and thinness (not just in the iPhone but the iMac as well) Apple seems to lean way too far on the thinness end. I think the iMac should have remained thick enough for an optical drive. And I think an extra hour or two of battery life would be worth a millimeter more in thickness.

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