Chinese President Xi Jinping to meet with Apple CEO Tim Cook today

“A day after wooing Seattle’s elite with pop-culture jokes and promises of reform, Chinese President Xi Jinping gets down to business on Wednesday, meeting Apple Inc’s Tim Cook and other top tech executives,” Michael Martina and Alwyn Scott report for Reuters. “In a speech on Tuesday night Xi joked that there was no power struggle in China over an anti-corruption drive. ‘There is no House of Cards,’ Xi said, drawing laughter with a reference to the U.S. television drama about merciless political machinations that is also popular in China.”

“Xi also gave a nod to author Ernest Hemingway and past U.S. presidents, and got a standing ovation from his audience of officials and business leaders,” Martina and Scott report. “He is due to speak on Wednesday to 30 U.S. and Chinese chief executives, including Apple’s Cook,’s Jeff Bezos, Satya Nadella from Microsoft Corp and Berkshire Hathaway’s Warren Buffett.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Think Tim will slip him a pre-release 128GB iPhone 6s Plus flagship iPhone?


  1. Tim doesn’t need to give him a pre-release iPhone for a couple of reasons. (1) Xi Jinping probably already is using a cheap knockoff. (2) They have stolen the manufacturing data and the Chinese President is already using a stolen/copied iPhone 6S.

  2. Great. Just when the XcodeGhost malware discussion is at its peak, pointing out the idiocy of The Great Firewall of China.

    Seriously China’s government: Stop the idiotic Great Firewall of China! Your inability to govern your country without totalitarian tactics is showing!

    China: Criminal Nation.

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